Lisboa, Portugal

MISTAKER MAKER is a nonprofit association, based on arts and cultural nature, whose mission and main objectives are: promote actively and creatively the production and promotion of exercises of contemporary art in all its (new) forms of expression; stimulate informally, by exploring new paths in the production of content, integration of heterogeneous public, seeking strengthening of critical mass and the creation, not only of new artistic products, as well as the growing of economic, social and cultural value.

For the daily implementation of all the above actions, MISTAKER MAKER:
- provides consulting, curatorship, communication and project management services;
- establish and promotes partnerships, networks and intersections between different creative sectors and entities;
- informs and involves the general community, by creating and supporting workshops, residencies, exhibitions and/or performances, in different creative and cultural areas;
- promotes and supports studies and research, raise funds and resources for projects related to art and culture in general;
- promotes and ensures the visibility of the creative industries sector in the city, the region, the country and the world.

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