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Learn more about the Indonesian belief in the natural healing property of plants

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Fasting and Praying Process Before Concocting Jamu by AcarakiIndonesia Gastronomy Network

The ancestors of the Indonesian people have used a variety of plant species that naturally grow in the local environment to maintain health and to treat diseases in the form of drinks or external medicine called jamu. They believe God created natural healing properties in plants.

Mashing Jamu Ingredients (2020-08-23) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Therefore, jamu is an Indonesian tradition used from generation to generation, and has been assessed based on experiences proving jamu provides benefits for maintaining health and healing (Gardjito, 2019).    

Lontar Leaf by Prawoto IndartoIndonesia Gastronomy Network

However, the existence of jamu cannot be separated from the philosophy of the Javanese people who see the disease on the basis of physical pain and non-physical pain. In the ‘Serat Centhini’ (1814) and the Serat Kawruh Bab Jampi-jampi Jawi (1831), it is revealed that in addition to various types of plants used for preparing jamu, the Jamu perparers also pray over the concoction with prayers invocation from holy verses of the Qur'an to complete the psychological or non-physical healing.    

The Copy of Serat Centhini Manuscript, Reksa Pustaka Collection by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

The prayer is also read

efore the jamu is consumed or for external treatment such as pilis and tapel (both are types of herbal body compresses). This explains that jamu is not just a way to treat and maintain health, but has entered the realm of Javanese (Indonesian) cultural pproducts, and meets the category of holistic medicine.

Mbok Jamu and Coachman by shutterstcokIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Jamu as cultural product of the Indonesia

Jamu cannot be compared with other medical treatments that require prerequisites such as clinical trials to obtain legality in trade. Jamu is a result of the history of civilization that cannot be separated from the life of Javanese culture (Suprana, 2013). 

“From this history we learn that the roots of jamu run deep in Java, and its adaptability attests to its strength.” (Krier, 2011 : 75).

The Gate to Kampung Jamu Nguter by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Jamu Nguter Village Gate

Jamu Nguter Village Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah, is one of the centers for traditional jamu (herbal medicine).

Jamu Nguter Product by DananjoyoIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Jamu Nguter Products

Various products from jamu industry in Nguter are not only marketed to various regions in Indonesia, they are also sold at Nguter Market which has been inaugurated as a Jamu market.    

Nguter Jamu Market (2020-08-20) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Jamu Nguter Market

In the past, Nguter market was a traditional general market that sold various household necessities. However, since the majority of the products sold were jamu, Nguter market was inaugurated as a Jamu market in 2015.   

A Variety of Jamu in Nguter (2019-08-05) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Various Jamu at Nguter

There are hundreds of merchants who open their stalls at Jamu Nguter market. They sell packaged herbal medicine, various ingredients, equipment, and tools for making jamu.   

Mbok Jamu (2020-08-18) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Understanding this position is important so that jamu has independence as the intellectual property of the Indonesian people which has provided health benefits and has been proven throughout the history of Javanese civilization, from generation to generation. 

Various Kinds of Jamu by shutterstockIndonesia Gastronomy Network

This is the root of jamu. This is the power of jamu as a native Indonesian product.

A Variety of Jamu Ingredients at Akar Sari Store (2020-08-15) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Akar Sari jamu ingredients store is one of the famous and legendary jamu shops in Solo.   

Various Herbal Ingredients at The Akar Sari Shop (2020-08-15) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Akar Sari Shop consistently provides a wide variety of natural jamu ingredients from all over Indonesia.   

Various jamu Ingredients at the Akar Sari Store (2020-08-16) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Akar Sari shop also provides wide-ranging ingredients for making jamu. Most of them are dried herbs and ingredients.   

Various Herbal Ingredients at the Akar Sari Store (2020-08-15) by JamupediaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Apart from providing raw ingredients, they also provide herbal medicine and ingredients in powder form.   

Turmeric Shoots Quality Control (2020-07-20) by AcarakiIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Planting the Quality Control Results (2020-07-20) by AcarakiIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Weeding Process (2020-07-20) by AcarakiIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Turmeric by AcarakiIndonesia Gastronomy Network

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