The History of Daegu Concert House

Meet the story of Daegu Concert House starting from the early 20th century to the present

Daegu is one of the top performing arts cities in Korea where modern music has been settled down. The development of arts and culture started early thanks to the passion of elder musicians in vocal and instrumental music city after Daegu was selected as a UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2017.

Daegu Concert House is at the center of Daegu where numerous artists are being produced and making Daegu as the site of arts and culture. Let’s look at the story of “Daegu Concert House” which started as “Daegu Public Hall” in the 1900s. 

Daegu public hall (1931) (1931)Daegu Concert House

Daegu Public Hall, the beginning of Daegu Concert House 

The origin of Daegu Concert House, “Daegu Public Hall”, was built in 1931. It was also used as a military theater during the Korean War. Since then, it has been the cultural arts’ base located at the center of Daegu such as being used as a Daegu Broadcasting Station which could hold various arts events. 

Daegu citizen hall (1975) (1975)Daegu Concert House

Daegu Citizen Hall, getting close to Daegu citizens

The Daegu Public Hall was demolished in 1975 and Daegu Citizen Hall was built in the same place. It had a Grand Hall, a multipurpose hall with 1,618 seats, a small hall with 342 seats and three exhibition halls, making it as a complex cultural space of Daegu.

A pamphlet on the opening of the Daegu citizen hall(1975) A pamphlet on the opening of the Daegu citizen hall(1975) (1975)Daegu Concert House

At the opening ceremony of the Daegu Citizen Hall held on October 5th, 1975,  many artists in Daegu including the Daegu Symphony Orchestra performed in the ceremony concert.

A pamphlet on the opening of the Daegu citizen hall(1975) (1975)Daegu Concert House

The opening ceremony of the Daegu Citizen Hall was held with the stage of Maestro Lee Ki-hong,  the first conductor of the Daegu Symphony Orchestra, Pianist Shin Su-jeong, Baritone Lee Jum-hee.

Daegu citizen hall (2011) (2011)Daegu Concert House

In 2011, The Daegu Citizen Hall which was used as a space for Daegu citizens renovated decrepit facilities and spaces. 

Daegu Citizen Hall (2010) (2010)Daegu Concert House

The renovation took for 2 years and 6 months, from April 2011 to August 2013. The five-story building with a basement floor was renovated to six-story building with three basement floors. 

Daegu Citizen Hall (2012) (2012)Daegu Concert House

The existing Grand Hall has been modernized inside and outside while maintaining the framework(eaves and column pillars) of the past to reflect the architectural significance of the building. The performance support building (annex building) was demolished and transformed into a Chamber Hall and an exhibition room. 

Deagu Concert House Deagu Concert HouseDaegu Concert House

Daegu Concert House, reborn as a classical music hall

On November 29th, 2013, Daegu Citizen Hall was reopened as a classical music hall with best sound facility, and it was reborn under the new name of “Daegu Concert House” on January 1st, 2016.

Daegu Concert House introduction video (February 11, 2022)Daegu Concert House

Daegu Concert House LobbyDaegu Concert House

“Daegu Concert House”, equipped with infrastructure for best performances satisfies Daegu citizens with high cultural standards and is still being loved. Look around the representative venues of Daegu Concert House in virtual reality.

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