Glenda León

The beauty that we may soon miss

Listening to the Stars III – HOT SPOT – Caring For a Burning World #156 (2020) by Glenda LéonLa Galleria Nazionale

Glenda Léon, Listening to the Stars III

Glenda Léon allows us to listen to “music of the sun and the stars”, when instrumentalists pluck the strings in improvised performance concerts, which preach harmony.

What's the first thing you think of when I say Hot Spot?

In the contest of this exhibition I think on the constant and dangerous warming of our planet.

What is the "hottest" contemporary theme nowadays?

Considering hottest as provocative and cutting edge, I would say love is the most radical theme, because is still a taboo, and its yet our greatest power. 

How artistic practice can actively influence these issues?

Having a mystic experience in the nature, where ego disappears and oneself dissolve and become one with nature, is what can change our attitude towards the climate change, but art can be an echo of this, or a guide to walk us towards these experiences.

How was it to confront with other artists in Hot Spot?

I enjoyed seeing different approaches to this theme and how they can dialogue between each other. 

What do you think is the main visitors' feeling in Hot Spot?

I don’t know what are their feelings but I wish there will be ones of hopes, because that’s what we need, as bad news are all over. 

Choose a claim for an aesthetic activism manifesto

Aesthetic activism for me is not to show the destruction of the planet, which we can daily see in the news, but to show the beauty that we may soon miss. 

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Interview by Giulia Lotti. Photo by Adriano Mura.

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