Images of Equity With Adrian Octavius Walker

The contemporary photographer shares his thoughts on images of the fight for racial justice past and present

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07 Protest for Racial Equity and Justice

Adrian Octavius Walker is a multimedia photographic artist whose work explores black bodies, families, and the untold stories buried in African American archives. Here, he shares his thoughts on images of the struggle for equality, past and present.

Picking these two images to be presented together, Walker compares a contemporary portrait photograph by Nate Palmer to an iconic image of Shirley Chisolm, showing the past, present, and future of the movement for black women's rights.

Nate Palmer (2)

“Black women’s rights is a topic that is often overlooked. We all know that women’s rights were non-existent once upon a time, but the trend still continues when it comes to women’s struggle with the workplace and fair pay, positions in the workplace, and position in power within the judicial system.”

“Shirley Chislom was one of many Black women standing up for their rights. She was the first African-American woman elected to congress and she ran for President. Her courageous act as a Black woman plays a huge role with a portion of Black women today, not to mention Senator Kamala Harris.” 


03 Protest for Racial Equity and Justice

Walker also noted visual and ideological parallels between contemporary campaigners for black trans-rights and the Gay Rights protesters of the past.

“I picked these two images because I wanted to shine the light on a group of individuals that are often overlooked due to their views on human rights. They showcase human rights and a right to be in love with the same sex.”

Julien James (1)

“Each image shows a protester out standing for their rights and what they truly believe in when it comes to Gay rights. We are still in a constant battle with those who choose to date their own sex or even fight for their correct pronouns. The fight still continues.”


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