Speaking of sakura

Yatsugatake Area is little-known, but best place for seeking nature and architecture of Japan. Especially at Kiyoharu Art Colony,  you could spend time with blooming sakura trees in the spring garden.

Sakuea trees and "Tetsu"Kiyoharu art colony

The most gorgeous season for Kiyoharu Art Colony is spring. In spring, Sakura (Cherry blossoms) are in full

Sakura trees and Mt. KaikomagatakeKiyoharu art colony

In April, gracefully shaped branches of Sakura bloom, surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

Sakura trees and La RucheKiyoharu art colony

These Sakura were planted about one hundred years ago to celebrate the opening of elementary school, which abolished in 1970s.

Saskura trees and "Tetsu"Kiyoharu art colony

Tetsu Tearoom
In the garden, You coldn’t miss the one leg tearoom Tetsu. It made from old cypress tree and mud, ironroof planed by architectural historian Terunobu Fujimori. 

Sakura trees and Mt. KaikomagatakeKiyoharu art colony

Without Sakura, Kiyoharu Art Colony would not exist.

Art dealer Chozo Yoshii had an idea of making art colony in Japan. He looked for a good place to realize his dream.

La RucheKiyoharu art colony

In 1977, Yoshii visited the closed elementary school with the intellect of that age and artists.

Sakura treesKiyoharu art colony

One of them, Hideo Kobayashi, had praised Sakura and said to Yoshii, “You don’t need to hesitate, just buy it”. Kobayashi’s words encouraged Yoshi and he determined to build the art colony there. 

Sakura treesKiyoharu art colony

From the opening of the art colony, a lot of people came to see Sakura and to be relaxed in nature. Speaking of sakura, lets go to Kiyoharu Art Colony!  

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Kiyoharu Art Colony

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