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One of the important Japanese modernist architects, Yoshio  Taniguchi designed this Museum. The main collections are the works of Shirakaba-ha, which was influential Japanese literary society in early 20th century. 

Kiyoharushirakaba Museum is widely open to outside. Natual light is flowing through the large windows.

《Nativity of Jesus》by Kohno Michisei
Kohno Michisei(1895 – 1950) was Japanese painter. He built friendly relationship with members of Shirakaba-ha.

The corridor looks like that of MoMA and from there visitors can see all the works in the floor.

The 2nd exhibition room

Bronze sculptures by August Rodan have been exhibited permanently. Shirakaba-ha especially adored his works and sent him Ukiyo-e.

Glassed-in cupola

Self portrait by Saneatsu MushanokojiKiyoharu art colony

《Self-Portrait》Mushakōji Saneatsu 1885-1976

Saneatsu was a Japanese novelist, and a major member of shirakaba-ha. He didn't limit his interest to literature, but also delved into other art forms.

Portrait of Naoya Shiga by Yukihiko YasudaKiyoharu art colony

 《Portrait of Shiga Naoya》Yasuda Yukihiko

Still life(Apples) by Naoya ShigaKiyoharu art colony

《Still life》Shiga Naoya(1883 - 1971)

A Japanese novelist, Shiga Naoya, is one of the representative members of Shirakaba-ha. His paintings show us how much he loved paintings.

An Apple is famous motif appeared in Still Life by Paul Cézanne. Shirakaba-ha often introduced french impressionists on their magazines in Japan.

Winter roadside by Kazumasa NakagawaKiyoharu art colony

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We also introduce the history of Kiyoharu Art Colony and Shirakaba group.

《Winter Road》Nakagawa Kazumasa (1893 - 1991)

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