Wayang Shadow Puppets

Style, epic stories, and surprises in the world of Indonesian wayang

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Shining a light on Indonesian shadow puppets

8 Things You Need To Know About Indonesian Leather Puppets

Did you know the audience sit both front and back stage?

Zoom into over 100 puppets in high-resolution

Experience the craftsmanship behind the intricate details

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Where wayang meets traditional Indonesian gamelan music

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Ancient Traditions: The World of Asian Puppetry

Meet the five famous brothers in puppet form

The Pandava: An Epic Wayang Story

How 5 brothers made their difference an asset to win a battle

Which island does Wayang come from?
Clue: It is the fourth largest island in Indonesia
Wayang craft form assimilated in Java Island since before 10th Century

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Which wayang is which?

How to tell the puppets apart

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Javanese accessories

How wayang dress to impress