Storms River: A Water Lover's Dream

Learn 5 new things about the remarkable river

1. It is the starting point for the famous Otter Trail

One of South Africa's flagship hikes, The Otter Trail is 42 km long and takes 5 days to complete.

People kayaking down Storms River, TsitsikammaSouth African Tourism

2. Storms River traverses one of the oldest marine reserves in the country

The river winds its way through the majestic Tsitsikamma Park whose sheer cliffs flank it on each side.

People crossing the Stormsriver Bridge in the TsitsikammaSouth African Tourism

3. The deck bridge above the river spans 77 metres

This 77 meter long and 7 meter high bridge marks the spot where the river enters the Indian Ocean.

Storms RiverSouth African Tourism

4. The river mouth is home to a wide variety if marine life.

Part of a marine protected area, engandered fish species are safegaurded in the river.

Storms RiverSouth African Tourism

5. It informs the name of the Tsitsikamma area

Tsitsikamma is the KhoiSan word for 'Place of Many Waters.'

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