Rushing Rapids and Roaring Waters: Introducing Augrabies Falls

5 things to know about one of South Africa's most remarkable natural sites

Augrabies FallsSouth African Tourism

1. The Khoisan refer to Augrabies Falls as 'The Place of Great Noise'

The sound of the falls as they rage down towards the gorge below gave rise to the Khoisan's evocative name for the site.

2. The falls form part of a national park

At the Augrabies Falls National Park in the Northern Cape, the waterfall is only the beginning. A wide variety of flowers and animals call this arid park home.

Augrabies FallsSouth African Tourism

3. At certain points in the year the falls are several meters wide

When the Orange River is in full flood the fall's width can reach serveral miles.

People watching the sunset at Augrabies GorgeSouth African Tourism

4. The falls occur on the largest river in South Africa

The falls materialise on the Orange River, which has a total legnth of 2 200 km.

Augrabies FallsSouth African Tourism

5. Legend has it that diamonds can be found at the foot of the waterfall

Aluvial diamond deposts are numerous along the Orange River and some believe that the world's largest diamond cache lies at the waterfall's swirl-hole.

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