The Architecture of Bodegas

Ayuntamiento de Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Ayuntamiento de Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Esquema Funcional de la Tipología Bodeguera by Arturo RedondoAyuntamiento de Sanlúcar de Barrameda

The humid, salty, fresh Poniente wind comes from the sea, crossing the Doñana National Park and the Guadalquivir River before reaching the town where it lowers the temperature and increases humidity.

The dry, warm Levante wind is light when it reaches Sanlúcar, compared to other nearby cities. This is thanks to the city's position at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River and its northerly location.

Historically, the two areas where the aging of Manzanilla takes place are the beach area in the Barrio Bajo and la Cornisa de la Barranca, in the Barrio Alto.

The gardens on the Levante side temper the effects of the dry wind, helping to maintain humidity levels.

Vegetation in the natural ravine helps maintain the humidity level from the Poniente wind.

In the beginning, bodegas would be located in houses and warehouses belonging to businessmen and dockers from the Indias. Eventually, proper buildings were erected to age the wine.

Cathedral-style bodegas were the most dominant of the bodega buildings. They were christened as such by Richard Ford and so-called for their imposing height that allows for an optimum and constant temperature inside.

Well placed in relation to the river and the sea, the bodegas in the Barrio Bajo benefit from the humid sea wind.

In the Barrio Bajo, the bodega floors are naturally quite damp. In the Barrio Alto the floors, which are also made of chalky soil or earth, are watered. When the water evaporates, the air inside is cooled and the humidity required is maintained.

To these ends, construction materials are porous and breathable to allow for a stable temperature.

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