5th Machine Gun Company Wall Newspaper

Discover the details of this wall newspaper, which was an important tool for disseminating ideology during the Spanish Civil War.

Fifth Company (1938) by UnknownPablo Iglesias Foundation

Wall newspapers were a very powerful form of propaganda that all political and military organizations used during the Spanish Civil War.

This one was put together during the Battle of the Ebro, which took place between July and November 1938. It was the last great battle of the civil war, when the Republican military effort could not prevail, and was defeated. The letters in this mural reveal how the battle unfolded.

What did the soldiers in the 5th Machine Gun Company write about the battle?


"Culture is one of the greatest gifts a father can give to his children. It is not money or material possessions, but rather a golden key that can open the doors to the future … "

You have to see it to believe it

"We are showing the entire world that if 'democracies' are cowardly, the Spanish people are brave and ready to fight for our freedom and that of the entire world." Campaign on October 17, 1938.

Le Pas de l´Ebre

"Com es veu que aqueça idiota no sap de que´s capaç que sap pere que lluita. Pero nosoltres tenim la promesa feta distre nostres cors: Seguir lluitan menores queda un imbasor." Espanya pero nosoltres, Els Espanyols. Long live the Republic. Campaign on October 17, 1938

The Glory

"It was nine o'clock in the morning. The mist slowly lifted as the sun rose. Suddenly, alarm whistles sounded and there was a murmur that grew louder and louder, until we could make out six large fascist bombers accompanied by … "

May we stand guard

"May we stand guard and be prepared for any eventuality. Thanks to this vigilance, we have succeeded in crossing the Ebro and cutting off the enemy's attacks."

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