During the summer of 2017 Artscape invited leading international artists to join Swedish counterparts in creating large-scale murals in all of ten different municipalities in the county of Värmland - producing one of the world’s largest urban art projects ever!

Ledania - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by LedaniaArtscape


29 artists from all over the world created 33 unique pieces of public art during the festival’s four weeks. Artscape also hosted a series of workshops during the project, where the local community had the opportunity to create permanent pieces of art together with experienced artists. Värmland carries a rich tradition of culture and arts, which we feel very proud to have contributed to.

BKFoxx - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by BKFoxxArtscape


American artist BKFoxx’s work expresses her commitment to animal’s rights. The artist visited the the Howling Woods farm in New Jersey and took this beautiful portrait of Meghan, Chante and Naicha - and brought them all the way to Forshaga in Värmland.

BKFoxx - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by BKFoxxArtscape

Bordalo ll - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Bordalo llArtscape

Bordalo ll

Bordalo II’s pieces created using recycled items are a perfect example of successfully using waste to create extraordinary works of art. His work is a clever observation of the wasteful and unsustainability of today’s lifestyle.

Wild Drawing - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Wild DrawingArtscape

Balinese artist Wild Drawing’s name speaks for itself, his clever and often political murals are dynamic and full of life. His impressive piece “The Griffin” is situated in Arvika, where the legendary hybrid looks out over the town.

Hitotzuki - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by HitotzukiArtscape


During the festival’s worst weather, the artist duo and married couple Hitotzuki graced Torsby with a lovely splash of colour. Using a serene palette and elegant geometric shapes, their signature floral motifs truly make the building come to life.  

Hitotzuki - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by HitotzukiArtscape

Vexta - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by VextaArtscape

This dynamic piece by Vexta is a reference to the legend of the Norse goddess Freyja, a powerful symbol of balance and our divine connection to nature.

Vexta unites urban mythology and traditional symbolism - expressed in vivid neons.

Hyuro - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by HyuroArtscape


Using traditional paint brushes rather than spray cans, Argentinian artist Hyuro is known for her unique style of portraits. Her work has an illustrational feel to them and are often comments on the political climate.

Smug - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by SmugArtscape


Smug, one of the masters of hyper realistic portraits, created two murals for Artscape Värmland 2017. Smug’s first mural is a depiction of the white moose, a rare breed only to be found in the woods of Värmland.

Smug - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by SmugArtscape

Smug's detailed and lifelike white moose.

Smug - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by SmugArtscape

After the white moose were finalised, the town of Årjäng received a heartwarming portrait in the city centre.

Yash - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by YashArtscape


Stockholm based artist Yash created this dreamy portrayal of a young girl in Filipstad. The notion of melancholy in Yash’s depictions of people and animals, combined with his use of bright and vivid colours makes for incredibly impressive murals.

Yash - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by YashArtscape

Ledania - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by LedaniaArtscape


With her use of excellent bold colours and geometric shapes, Ledania’s graphic portraits communicate powerful emotions. Her piece for Artscape 2017 is an homage to the uniting of people and cultures.

Caratoes - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by CaratoesArtscape

Caratoes’ mesmerizing surreal portraits can be seen all over the world, and her mystical trolls in the clouds now guard the small village of Årjäng.

When in Värmland, Caratoes spotted an extremely rare white moose, and if you look closely you can see it depicted in her mural.

Henric Thåg - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Henric ThågArtscape

Local artist Henric Thåg’s illustrative mural in his hometown Karlstad is based on a childhood memory. Thåg often paints pictorial representations of everyday life objects - with an interesting twist.

Nomad Clan - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Nomad ClanArtscape

Nomad Clan

British duo Nomad Clan’s work often reflects upon their engagement in sociopolitical issues, combined with the surroundings of the mural. 

Nomad Clan - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Nomad ClanArtscape

The muralists’ portrait ‘Pipe Dream’ is a comment on ocean pollution, and Nomad Clan chose this motif for their Swedish mural due to the country’s high ranking of sustainability.

Tatiana Suarez - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Tatiana SuarezArtscape

Tatiana Suarez’s ethereal portraits of doe eyed, magical characters can be seen all over the US. Her mural in Sunne is inspired by “Sjörået”, a mythical creature from Swedish folklore who was said to be a warden of the sea.

Sagie - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by SagieArtscape


Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, tattoo artist and muralist Sagie has a wide set of artistic skills and expressions. His realistic portrayals of nature and animals are recurring motifs, as well as video game characters and stylish use of bold colours.

Sagie - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by SagieArtscape

Sagie adding some final touches to the dandelions on his mural

Case Maclaim - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Case MaclaimArtscape

With his vast experience in both urban and fine art, Case Maclaim is one of the most outstanding artists working with photorealism.

Maclaim’s captivating portraits speak on many levels, and his mural in Karlstad features a somber note reading “We’ll never be what we once were”

Faith XLVII - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Faith XLVIIArtscape

Faith XLVII 

Along with her mural in Grums, the artist also collaborated with artist Lyall Sprong and created mind blowing installations in the deep forests of Värmland. With “Astronomia Nova” Faith XLVII wants to reminds us of our miniscule role in the larger universe.

Pastel - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by PastelArtscape

Having studied architecture, Pastel’s work takes the building into great consideration and in his own words views street art as “urban acupuncture”. His elegant, floral motifs have put the town of Säffle in blossom.

Shalak & Smoky - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Shalak & SmokyArtscape

Shalak & Smoky

The duo’s piece tells a story about a little boy serenading the moon, as well as a wizard offering crystals of consciousness. 

The artists have chosen to include endangered species of animals, as a nod to humans’ negative impact on the world and its wildlife.

Annatomix - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by AnnatomixArtscape


Annatomix’s geometric fox meets a curious rabbit in her piece ‘A Chance Encounter' situated in Munkfors. The British artist is known for her illustrations and murals inspired by animals, space and the cycle of our universe.

Annatomix - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by AnnatomixArtscape

Super G - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Super GArtscape

Super G

Growing up in Värmland, Super G has enhanced many surfaces around the county. His first mural for ARTSCAPE 2017 “Breathe Nature” gazes out across the town of Torsby, as his second piece swims across Grums indoor swimming pool.

Super G - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by Super GArtscape

Zadok - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by ZadokArtscape


This is Zadok’s second time working with Artscape, in the summer of 2015 he collaborated with artists Bless and Christina Angelina on a joint installation in Malmö. The London based artist’s unique mural in the centre of Munkfors invites you to a magical, fluorescent jungle on your way to the local grocery store.

Zadok - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by ZadokArtscape

Pantonio - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by PantonioArtscape


Pantonio’s signature swirling figures take the shape of birds flying through Karlstad. The Portuguese artist finds inspiration for his depictions of nature in the beautiful surroundings on The Azores islands.

Pantonio - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by PantonioArtscape

Annatomix - ARTSCAPE 2017 (2017) by AnnatomixArtscape

By the end of August, ARTSCAPE 2017 Värmland - 'White Moose Project' was finalised. With more than 30 new murals spread across the county, Artscape are proud to have contributed to a more colourful Sweden.

Credits: Story

Photography by Fredrik Åkerberg, Anders Lipkin, Tor Hedendahl and Remington Andersson

Credits: All media
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