ARTSCAPE 2016 - Uniting the city through urban art

ARTSCAPE 2016 in Gothenburg was Scandinavia's largest urban art project to date. Permanent large-scale murals and other art was created in all of the city's ten boroughs.

Bless - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


Bless kicked off Artscape 2016 with this piece at Karlavagnsgatan 7, Gothenburg.

Bless - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Sveriges Radio interview with artist Bless (in swedish)

Bless talks to swedish radio about her process when creating a mural - starting at home at the drawing table, to applying the painting to a large building. She explains that the time frame when working on a mural always differs depending on motif, technique and the wall itself, but that she prefers to work as if though she doesn’t have a set deadline, to avoid stress.

Hueman - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


'Braided Sisters' by artist Hueman for Artscape 2016. Check out her story about the walls, the process and Artscape in the video on the following page.

Hueman - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Artscape 2016: HuemanArtscape

CityzenKane - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


CityzenKane created a magical 3D-mural for ARTSCAPE 2016. The texture and paint both look and feel amazing! This 3D piece by CItyzenKane, on Gothenburgs most well renowned streets, takes the artform into new dimensions (third that is). Location: Andra Långgatan 15, Gothenburg

CityzenKane - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Ana María - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Ana Marietta

'Anando'. A beautiful piece by artist Ana Marietta from Puerto Rico for Artscape 2016 at Härlanda Park, Gothenburg. Unlike most other streetartist Ana Marietta uses brushes for most of her works.

Ana María - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Ana María - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Rone - ARTSCAPE 2016 (2016)Artscape


'Emma' by Rone for Artscape 2016 at Mandolingatan, Gothenburg. Swedens tallest ever mural.. And the girl? Well, she lives in Gothenburg. 

Rone - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Australian artist Rone working on his huge portrait of Emma.

Jarus - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


"Looking back" by Jarus for Artscape 2016 in Gothenburg. 130 ft which makes it one of Swedens tallest murals! 

Jarus - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Jarus - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Eine - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


Legend Ben Eine from the UK completed his tallest ever wall for Artscape 2016! Location: Bredfjällsgatan, Gothenburg.

Eine - ARTSCAPE 2016, From the collection of: Artscape
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Artscape 2016: EineArtscape

Ligisd - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


LiGiSD, Kulturell Uppercut and friends involved the entire local community in the creative process before painting the well known Hjällbo bridge.

Ligisd - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Oh sorry, you were driving here? Artscape 2016 shutting down the streets as Ligisd works on his piece across the Hjällbo bridge.

Magda Sayeg - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Magda Sayeg

Magda Sayeg made this hypnotizing large-scale spirograph for ARTSCAPE 2016. Over 4000 metres of nylon paracord was used. Location: Skeppsbron, Gothenburg

Artscape 2016: Magda SayegArtscape

Yash - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


YASH painted his largest mural ever for ARTSCAPE 2016. "Where Trees Don't Grow" is another beautiful and sublime piece by one of Sweden's fastest rising stars. Location: Väderilsgatan, Gothenburg

Yash - ARTSCAPE 2016, From the collection of: Artscape
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Code26 - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


The man and the myth that is Code26 joined Artscape 2016 and smashed out this vibrant piece in record time! Location: Tynneredsskolan, Gothenburg

Code26 - ARTSCAPE 2016, From the collection of: Artscape
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Code26 - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Koralie & Supakitch - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Koralie & Supakitch

French duo Koralie & SupaKitch painted this magnificent bird for ARTSCAPE 2016. Wonder if any other Swedish mural can beat the placement of this one... Location: Kungsportsplatsen, Gothenburg

Koralie & Supakitch - ARTSCAPE 2016, From the collection of: Artscape
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Koralie & Supakitch - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Ollio - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


Ollio, local and one of Sweden's most prolific street artists ever, took on two walls at once. Killed it! Location: Bruksgatan/Lantvärnsgatan, Gothenburg

Ollio - ARTSCAPE 2016, From the collection of: Artscape
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Ollio - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Code26 & Ajja - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


Ajja Artist from Malmö made this beautiful colour splash for Artscape 2016.

Elina Metso - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Elina Metso

Elina Metso's final piece for ARTSCAPE 2016! Two years ago Elina was a volunteer at Artscape 2014 - now she is one of the featured artists. Location: Rymdtorget, Gothenburg

Elina Metso - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Elina Metso - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Henrietta Kozica - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Henrietta Kozica

Henrietta Kozica Art created this magical forest on Kulturhuset Kåken for Artscape 2016. Amazingly, the artist had never used spray paint before 2016 - she's definitely one to watch for the future. Location: Kålltorpsgatan, Gothenburg

Henrietta Kozica - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

Disk - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


Disk, man of a million styles, completed these twin(!) walls in Biskopsgården for ARTSCAPE 2016! Location: Sunneviksgatan, Gothenburg

Animalitoland - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape


AnimalitoLand from Argentina created this dreamy mural for ARTSCAPE 2016. This is her by far biggest piece to date - and what a piece! Location: Bredfjällsgatan, Gothenburg

Artscape 2016: Animalitoland #WIPArtscape

Animalito - ARTSCAPE 2016Artscape

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Artscape 2016

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