St+art Mumbai : Dharavi

The St+art festival goes to the former 'largest slum cluster of South Asia'

Rainbow Crew | DharaviSt+art India

Dharavi is a massive suburb of Mumbai which houses one of the largest slums in the world. Yet most of the locals here run their own form of small enterprises to get by. It is fair to say it is a place of high contrasts. Here, the Rainbow crew painted a rainbow for the people of Dharavi.

Bboy's during Dharavi stencil workshopSt+art India

The St+art festival had organised a stencil cutting workshop in centre run by a local NGO. However, as there is also a very active hip-hop and b-boying culture in Dharavi, the workshop partly turned into a skill showcase.

Bboy's during Dharavi stencil workshopSt+art India

The show continued for a while.

Tona | Dharavi workshopSt+art India

As part of the workshop, the participants and the artists painted the walls of a public toilet in one of the local slums. This is a work by Tona (Germany).

Seikon | Dharavi workshopSt+art India

A work by Seikon (Poland) on the community toilet wall.

Tona | Dharavi workshopSt+art India

A piece by Tona (Germany) on the wall of the community toilet.

Gomez | 40 ft. roadoadSt+art India

A work by Gomez (Italy) in Dharavi.

Bond | Dharavi RooftopSt+art India

BOND (Germany) painting on a rooftop in Dharavi.

Bond | Dharavi RooftopSt+art India

A design by BOND (Germany).

Bond | Dharavi RooftopSt+art India

Another work by BOND (Germany).

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Images : Akshat Nauriyal
Curated By Akshat Nauriyal

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