Mahatma Gandhi at Churchgate Station, Mumbai

By legendary Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra

St+art India

Eduardo Kobra getting a first impression of his site by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

In October 2017, Brazilian street artist, Eduardo Kobra came to Mumbai to work on one of the landmarks of the city. The iconic artist is known to paint important figures all across the world.

The massive Churchgate Station (Before) by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

Churchgate is the first station on the Western Railway, and is one of the busiest, visited approximately by 6 Lakh people everyday. It presented a massive facade for Kobra to paint on.

Kobra plotting out the artwork on the facade by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

Once Eduardo Kobra arrived on location, he began the process of gridding his composition on the facade, which would be a continuation of his 'Faces of Peace' project

An artwork starts emerging on day 3 by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

The facade presented a unique challenge since it had two sides to it. Kobra decided to paint his mural in an anamorphic style which would use both the sides to create a composite image

A curious onlooker passes by the work in progress by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

Over the course of the next few days, several passerby's and onlookers were curious at this new activity taking place. A figure started to emerge that even the common man could associate with

Work on the second section of the artwork begins by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

The Railways were an integral part of India’s freedom struggle as they helped in unifying the movement. This became a central part of the second facade in Kobra's composition

The iconic artwork of Mahatma Gandhi by Eduardo Kobra by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

In 1893, Mahatma Gandhi was deported off a train in South Africa which began his life long battle for civil rights and India’s freedom. Eduardo Kobra’s work is a tribute of the activist’s contribution

Eduardo Kobra | St+art Mumbai 2017 by Eduardo KobraSt+art India

Credits: Story

Exhibit Curator: Akshat Nauriyal and Karan Kaul
Images: Akshat Nauriyal and Pranav Gohil

Artwork by Eduardo Kobra

Original Image of Mahatma Gandhi courtesy of Kulwant Roy collection as part of India Photo Archive and Aditya Aarya Archive

Project proudly supported by Western Railway and Asian Paints

Credits: All media
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