Black History Month with Universal Hip Hop Museum: 1980s Artifacts

The following collection of images from the Universal Hip Hop Museum captures part of the Hip Hop landscape mostly from the early to mid 1980s.

Limousine Receipt for Salt-N-PepaHip Hop Education Center

One of Salt-N-Pepa's first limousine receipts to a performance.

Eric B & KRS 1Hip Hop Education Center

Eric B, of Eric B and Hakim, and KRS 1 behind stage.

Beat Street Casting FlyerHip Hop Education Center

Beat Street is one of the earliest Hip Hop culture movies and follows four young kids in the South Bronx and their journey to making it on television.

Grand Mixer DXT & Keith HaringHip Hop Education Center

Grand Mixer DXT, a DJ largely considered the father of turntablism, & artist Keith Haring pose for a photo together.

KRS 1 Jesse Jackson Walk for the HomelessHip Hop Education Center

Flyer for KRS One, Hip Hop pioneer & Rev. Jesse Jackson, one of the first African Americans to run for a presidential nominee, appearances at a march and rally on the issue of homelessness. The event was produced by the Hip Hop group, Boogie Down Productions.

Kool DJ AJ's 4th Anniversary Flyer, Sign Up & Sign In SheetsHip Hop Education Center

Flyer for party with sign up sheet for performers (left) and sign in sheet from day of performance (right).

Whodini Album Release Party FlyerHip Hop Education Center

Invitation for Whodini's album release party by Rush Productions.

Flyer for RUN D.M.C. at Stardust BallroomHip Hop Education Center

Concert flyer for RUN D.M.C., Afrika Islam, Ice T, Shake City Rockers and others at Stardust Ballroom.

Roxanne Shanté & Biz Markie RecordHip Hop Education Center

Roxanne Shanté & Biz Markie record from Pop Art Records label in Philadelphia, recorded in 1985.

Recording Memo about Mr.MagicHip Hop Education Center

Memo written on the back of a cassette tape cover for a recording of Mr. Magic's radio show, recorded in 1984.

Concert Ticket: U.T.F.O., Lisa Lisa, Boogie Boys, The Real RoxanneHip Hop Education Center

Ticket for a joint concert performance with multiple acts at the Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles in 1985.

Zulu Nation Soul Sonic Force Cassette TapeHip Hop Education Center

Cassette tape hand written on by Frosty Freeze of the Zulu Nation.

Sugarhill Gang Rappers Convention Flyer (1981)Hip Hop Education Center

Def Jam Series at The ApolloHip Hop Education Center

This collaborative event between Def Jam, Rush Productions and WBLS 107.5 at the Apollo was a significant marker of Hip Hop's growing influence in New York City.

Image missing

Black Beat Magazine cover highlighting women Hip Hop pioneers Salt-N-Pepa and also featuring Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Eddie Murphy.

Image missing

Photo of Angie Stone performing. Angie Stone was a member of one of the first women Hip Hop groups, The Sequence and continues to be an R&B/ Soul singer.

Image missing

This Spring Break Rap Fest Poster features Hip Hop acts such as Queen Latifah, De La Soul, Eric B. & Rakim and others.

Funky 4 + 1 Poster from MC Sha-RockHip Hop Education Center

Poster of Funky 4+1 with dedication message to Pete Nice. Poster was originally hung in MC Sha-Rock's room.

Front (left) Back (right)

Kurtis Blow Album Release PartyHip Hop Education Center

Invitation for Kurtis Blow's album release party by Rush Productions.

Grand Master Dee & Bobby Brown with a fanHip Hop Education Center

Grand Master Dee, the DJ from the pioneering Hip Hop group Whodini, and Bobby Brown, R&B/Soul legend, pose with a fan at a party.

Poster for RUN D.M.C. PerformanceHip Hop Education Center

A poster for RUN D.M.C.'s performance at the Celebrity Club, New York City.

The Roxy Club TicketHip Hop Education Center

Founded in 1982, the Roxy ruled downtown Manhattan. Acts such as, Michael Jackson, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Jazzy Jeff and LL Cool J performed here.

Contract for Masterdon at the RoxyHip Hop Education Center

The Roxy was located in downtown Manhattan. This is a contract for Masterdon (a.k.a William Martin) for a $500 show fee in 1983.

Dota Rock with Party Posters Recreation by Charlie AhearnHip Hop Education Center

Acrylic on canvas painting replica of a photo taken of Dota Rock in front of 80s party posters, many of which he performed at created by Charlie Ahearn.

Fresh Festival Flyer & TicketHip Hop Education Center

Flyer and ticket for The Swatch Watch New York City Fresh Festival featuring a few breakdancing acts. The Fresh Festival brought Hip Hop to arenas nationwide in 1984.

LL Cool J and Mike Tyson (1980-05-20) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

LL Cool J poses with American professional boxer, Michael Gerard Tyson (Left), better known as Mike Tyson.

DJ Kool Herc and Coke La Rock (1980-05-20) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

The legendary DJ Kool Herc aka Clive Campbell (Right), poses with legendary MC Tony Tone of the Cold Crush Brothers.

Keith Harring and Jam Master Jay (1980-05-15) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

An American artist and activist whose graffiti-like art influenced the art scene during the 1980s, Keith Allen Haring (Left), poses for a picture with Jason William Mizzel (Right), AKA Jam Master Jay. As the DJ of the Hip Hop group Run-D.M.C, Jam Master Jay fromed part of one of the biggest hip hop groups to influence breaking in the Hip Hop scenery of the 1980s.

Cold Crush Brothers (1980-01-05) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

Formed in 1978, the Cold Crush Brothers are a Hip Hop group whose stage-stomping performances, melodies and style influenced the Hip Hop scenery of the 1980s.

NYC Fresh Fest IV Poster (1980-05-20) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

In this NYC Fresh Fest announcement, the Fat Boys make the front poster. The Brooklyn native Hip Hop group is most known for their beatboxing elements. The NYC Fresh Fest brought Hip Hop to arenas worldwide during the 80s.

Ultramagnetic MCs (1980-01-05) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

The Bronx native Hip Hop group, Ultramagnetic MCs was founded in 1984 by Kool Keith (Bottom). The group included Ced Gee (far right), and Moe Love (far left). The group of emcees took over clubs during the late 80s.

Paradise Gray, Chris Rock, and Kid N' Play (1980-05-20) by Universal Hip Hop MuseumHip Hop Education Center

Kid N' Play (far left and far right), Paradise Gray, a current curator for the Universal Hip Hop Museum, hip hop legend, artist, writer, and producer (bottom), and Chris Rock (center), pose together. Kid N' Play is a Hip Hop duo composed by Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin.

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