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LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize finalists catalogue

By Loewe Foundation

Fundación Loewe

Winner of Craft Prize 2017Loewe Foundation

The LOEWE FOUNDATION launches the LOEWE Craft Prize, an annual international award celebrating excellence in craftsmanship.With this forward-looking initiative, LOEWE seeks to recognise uniquely talented artisans whose artistic vision and will to innovate will set a new standard for the future of craft. The incentive for the prize goes back to the roots of LOEWE, a leading luxury house that started as a collective of artisans in 1846.

Ernst Gamperl, winner of the LOEWE Craft Prize at the finalists exhibition in Madrid.

Encircling Vessel (2015) by Adi TochLoewe Foundation

Adi Toch
Encircling Vessel
The hand-woven cloth in a black walnut frame elucidates the endless possibilities of textiles.

An Ambition Pagan I (2017) by Anne LowLoewe Foundation

Anne Low
An Ambition Pagan I
Hewn from a sheet of Britannia silver it combines form, movement and sound to evoke the senses.

Tata Curiata (2016) by Descendents of the indigenous Purépecha people from Mexico´s Michoacán region,Loewe Foundation

Artesanias Panikua, special mention
Tata Curiata
Hundreds of wheat fibres are woven together to form this representation of a sun deity.

Waiting for Godot (2015) by Bae SejinLoewe Foundation

Bae Sejin
Waiting for Godot
Inspired by the Beckett play, the cyclical nature of time is explored by embracing repetition.

Manga Ormolu Ver. 5.0-s (2016) by Brendan Lee Satish TangLoewe Foundation

Brendan Lee Satish Tang
Manga Ormolu Ver. 5.0-s
This futuristic vessel fuses Ming dynasty vernacular with the robotic forms of Japanese Manga.

Norwegian Sweater (2010) by Celia PymLoewe Foundation

Celia Pym
Norwegian Sweater
This regenerated sweater is a discernible ode to the oft-unseen work of the seamstress.

Selva Blanca (2015) by Chiachio & GiannoneLoewe Foundation

Chiachio & Giannone
Selva Blanca
Imaginative melange of flora and fauna brought to life through the application of embroidery.

Edge of Chaos (2012) by David HuyckeLoewe Foundation

David Huycke
Edge of Chaos
Tension is derived from an ostensibly simple form that reveals an inherently complex structure.

Tree of Life 2 (2016) by Ernst GamperlLoewe Foundation

Ernst Gamperl, winner
Tree of Life 2
Replete with natural imperfections, these carved vessels eternalise the story of a fallen tree.

Dreamers (2015) by Fátima TocornalLoewe Foundation

Fátima Tocornal
Each piece provides a poetic metaphor about the requisite silence of the creative process.

Animal Print (2010) by Guillermo Alvarez- CharvelLoewe Foundation

Guillermo Álvarez-Charvel
Animal Print
Joined without glue, it can be disassembled and reconfigured, conveying fragility and strength.

NeoFolk (2016) by Heidi FriesenLoewe Foundation

Heidi Friesen
The reworking of old linen expresses the cultural exchange of materials and techniques.

Ellerbeckia (2010) by Helena SchepensLoewe Foundation

Helena Schepens
Created from sterling silver, it’s been delicately pierced to affect a crystal-like veneer.

Line and Surface: VI (2013) by Igawa TakeshiLoewe Foundation

Igawa Takeshi
Line and Surface: VI
Gleaming with timeless beauty it examines the relationship between form, texture and function.

Puffed Up series 2011-2016 (2012) by Kim BuckLoewe Foundation

Kim Buck
Puffed Up series 2011-2016
Signet rings welded from gold and inflated with air to symbolise challenges to the ego.

Burial object "Steps" (2015) by Kristina RotheLoewe Foundation

Kristina Rothe
Burial object "Steps"
Unlike traditional coffins and urns, Rothe creates a serene paper structure with a sensual surface.

Dinosaur (2016) by Lino TagliapietraLoewe Foundation

Lino Tagliapietra
This multi-coloured sculpture is a symbol of evolution and the malleability of the natural world.

Many & Deliberated (2016) by Patricia DominguesLoewe Foundation

Patricia Domingues
Many & Deliberated
This small pendant stone reflects a landscape sculpted by the ravages of nature and time.

Steampunk from the Cosmos (2016) by Robert BainesLoewe Foundation

Robert Baines
Steampunk from the Cosmos
Comprised of gold, the filigree structure transcends time, appearing archaic and avant-garde.

Winter (2016) by Sangwoo KimLoewe Foundation

Sangwoo Kim
The ceramic captures the rounded forms of Switzerland’s snow-covered Emmental mountain range.

Esker Vessel (2016) by Sara FlynnLoewe Foundation

Sara Flynn
Esker Vessel
Reflecting a deep understanding of porcelain, the work’s an exploration of form and volume.

Big Trays of paquetry (2015) by Shuji NakagawaLoewe Foundation

Shuji Nakagawa
Big Trays of parquetry
Traditional joined parquetry techniques are reimagined with modern mathematical precision.

White on White Quilt (2016) by Sona Rani RoyLoewe Foundation

Sona Rani Roy
White on White Quilt
Weaving her own family lineage into every layer of cotton, she creates a true legacy item.

Converging Line (2014) by Sylvie VandenhouckeLoewe Foundation

Sylvie Vandenhoucke
Converging Line
Thousands of singular glass components are arranged to form a standalone constellation.

Structural Blue (2015) by Yoshiaki KojiroLoewe Foundation

Yoshiaki Kojiro, special mention
Structural Blue
A trophy of experimentation, this glass bowl contrasts ephemeral glow with withered textures.

Tree Chair (2015) by Zhilong ZhengLoewe Foundation

Tree Chair
Portraying the power of the elements to re-assimilate natural materials into the landscape.

Trophy LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2017Loewe Foundation

How to apply

All participants must be professional artisans of 18 years or older at the time of the
submission of entries. All nationalities are welcome.

To meet the jury members and read exclusive quotes about craft in our days visit:

The rules of entry are available in spanish, english, french, japanese and simplified chinese. The english version will prevail upon the others.

The Prize for the winning piece of work is fifty thousand euros (50,000 euros). The winning
entry can be made up of either one single piece of work or one series of works.

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Finalists of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2017

Adi Toch
Anne Low
Artesanias Panikua
Bae Sejin
Brendan Lee Satish Tang
Celia Pym
Chiachio & Giannone
David Huycke
Ernst Gamperl
Fátima Tocornal
Guillermo Álvarez-Charvel
Heidi Frisen
Helena Schepens
Igawa Takeshi
Kim Buck
Kristina Rothe
Lino Tagliapietra
Patricia Domingues
Robert Baines
Sangwoo Kim
Sara Flyn
Shuji Nakagawa
Sona Rani Roy
Sylvie Vandenhoucke
Yoshiaki Kojiro
Zhilong Zheng

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