Craft Prize 2018

LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2018 Finalists catalogue

By Loewe Foundation

Fundación Loewe

Jennifer Lee at her studioLoewe Foundation

The annual prize was launched by the LOEWE FOUNDATION in 2016 to showcase
and celebrate excellence, artistic merit and newness in modern craftsmanship.
This year, the finalists were chosen by a panel of experts from close to 1,900
submissions by artisans representing 86 countries.
The award, which was conceived by creative director Jonathan Anderson, aims
to acknowledge the importance of craft in today’s culture and recognise working
artisans whose talent, vision and will to innovate will set a standard for the future.
The incentive for the prize goes back to LOEWE’s beginnings as a collective craft
workshop in 1846.

Jennifer Lee, winner of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize in his studio.

Searching for solid ground (2017) by Paul AdieLoewe Foundation

Paul Adie
Searching for solid ground
The piece is a metaphor for the fluctuating physical and emotional forces that affect us all.

Container (2016) by Gunilla Maria ÄkessonLoewe Foundation

Gunilla Maria Åkesson
A smooth-surfaced vessel infused with serenity that embraces the potency of empty space.

Third Time Rainfall (2017) by ARKOLoewe Foundation

Third Time Rainfall
A stitched rice straw artwork that re-forges fading bonds with Japanese traditions.

Matrix III Time, Space, Human, -1,2,3 (2016) by Yeonsoon ChangLoewe Foundation

Yeonsoon Chang
Matrix III Time, Space, Human, -1,2,3
This wall-mounted textile piece tells the multi-dimensional story of female Korean labourers.

Hangzhou Stool (2013) by Min ChenLoewe Foundation

Min Chen
Hangzhou Stool
Stratified bamboo stool that channels the relaxed rhythms of the artist’s home city Hangzhou.

Five Color Vessels 0831 (2013) by Hae Cho ChungLoewe Foundation

Hae Cho Chung
Five Color Vessels 0831
Built up from multiple layers of lacquer, the dark colour of these multi-hued vessels seems to glow deep from within.

New Medicine (2017) by Steffen DamLoewe Foundation

Steffen Dam
New Medicine
This collection of encased marine specimens comments on the ephemeral nature of healing.

Frozen/se[e/a]/Look (2017) by Sam Tho DuongLoewe Foundation

Sam Tho Duong
The pearl, coral and shell-like shapes are contemporary jewels that speak to the otherworldly expressions of mother nature.

Craquelure (2017) by Sara GackowskaLoewe Foundation

Sara Gackowska
Each oval is fractured, creating a condensed picture of sublime ruin and human frailty.

Object from "The Earthenware Ferrari" series (2017) by Ann Van HoeyLoewe Foundation

Ann Van Hoey
Object from "The Earthenware Ferrari" series
Inspired by the geometry and precision of Japanese origami yet glazed with Ferrari
red paint.

Homage to the Tree (2017) by Joe HoganLoewe Foundation

Joe Hogan
Homage to the Tree
Wood from a storm-felled beech tree serves as the core and guides the uneven lines of wicker.

Shrouded Fournace 5 (2017) by Marie JanssenLoewe Foundation

Marie Janssen
Shrouded Furnace 5
It retains its function as a hearth, whilst embodying superstitions and mysterious customs.

Tears in the Sunset (2014) by Joonyong KimLoewe Foundation

Joonyong Kim
Tears in the Sunset
The fragility of this gleaming bowl reveals Kim’s imaginings about excavation and exposure.

Singularity (2012) by Christopher KurtzLoewe Foundation

Christofer Kurtz
Constellation of hand-carved, gravity-defying basswood spears that re-affirms our existence.

Tea Bowl (2017) by Takuro KuwataLoewe Foundation

Takuro Kuwata, special mention
Tea Bowl
Brimming with the possibilities of chance, it indicates Kuwata’s joyful approach to creation.

Pale, Shadowed Speckled traces, Fading Elipse, Bronze Specks, Tilted Shelf (2017) by Jennifer LeeLoewe Foundation

Jennifer Lee, winner
Pale, Shadowed Speckled Traces, Fading Elipse, Bronze Specks, Tilted Shelf
Lee captures a sense of frozen time within the vessel’s delicately poised proportions.

Waterwork I (2017) by Deirdre McLoughlinLoewe Foundation

Deirdre McLoughlin
Waterwork I
The effect is reminiscent of the late evening light reflections on Amsterdam’s Ij Waterway.

Variations of a Stiched Cube (2017) by Richard McVetisLoewe Foundation

Rishard McVetis
Variations of a Stiched Cube
McVetis weaves together an enquiry into the way time is felt, experienced and constructed.

Croissance XL (2017) by Simone PheulpinLoewe Foundation

Simone Pheulpin, special mention
Croissance XL
Emulating crevices of rock and time-worn sediment, it questions the fragility of our existence.

Barkskin (2017) by Irina RazumovskayaLoewe Foundation

Irina Razumovskaya
Reminiscent of a time-worn tree, the cracked-surface of this ceramic piece captures the essence of Soviet-era relics.

Raining Stones (2017) by Aneta RegelLoewe Foundation

Aneta Regel
Raining Stones
These are monuments to the way material performance reveals the inexorable passage of time.

Mokume-gane Vase (2017) by Ryuhei SakoLoewe Foundation

Ryuhei Sako
Mokume-gane Vase
Scarcity, density, stillness and movement is rhythmically illustrated in one singular vessel.

Folds of Memory (2017) by Rita SotoLoewe Foundation

Rita Soto
Folds of Memory
By interweaving memories with the imaginary, each piece embodies a storied symbol of identity.

Bowl Made of Copper (2012) by Laurenz StocknerLoewe Foundation

Laurenz Stockner
Bowl Made of Copper
Exploring a balance between beauty and utility, it riffs on the impermanence of all forms.

100 Foot Drain / Annie´s Wood (2017) by Wycliffe StutchburyLoewe Foundation

Wycliffe Stutchbury
100 Foot Drain / Annie´s Wood
The undulating shingled surface becomes a paragon for the interplay of light and shadow.

Scalaria Bifurca (2017) by Mercedes VicenteLoewe Foundation

Mercedes Vicente
Scalaria Bifurca
The twisted structure straddles a delicate line between strength and vulnerability.

Bench (2017) by Julian WattsLoewe Foundation

Julian Watts
Anatomical contours give an abstract human-like appearance, encouraging visceral inquiry.

Qingbai Gold Bowl (2015) by Takeshi YasudaLoewe Foundation

Takeshi Yasuda
Qingbai Gold Bowl
This compressed vessel captures both fluidity and permanence in a singular expressive form.

Arbitrary Metrics II (2015) by Ashley YK YeoLoewe Foundation

Ashley YK Yeo
Arbitrary Metrics II
Made from exquisitely engraved paper, this small work appears both faint and translucent.

Sei Wo Harumu (Filling with Silence) (2017) by Shohei YokoyamaLoewe Foundation

Shohei Yokoyama
Sei Wo Harumu (Filling with Silence)
The embryonic form is a symbol of nascent life, a silent idea that swells in the imagination.

Trophy LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2017Loewe Foundation

How to apply

All participants must be professional artisans of 18 years or older at the time of the
submission of entries. All nationalities are welcome.

To meet the jury members and read exclusive quotes about craft in our days visit:

The rules of entry are available in spanish, english, french, japanese and simplified chinese. The english version will prevail upon the others.

The Prize for the winning piece of work is fifty thousand euros (50,000 euros). The winning
entry can be made up of either one single piece of work or one series of works.

Credits: Story

Finalists of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2018

Aneta Regel
Gunilla Maria Åkesson
Deirdre McLoughlin
Takeshi Yasuda
Marie Janssen
Irina Razumovskaya
Ann Van Hoey
Jennifer Lee
Takuro Kuwata
Chen Min
Steffen Dam
Joonyong Kim
Shohei Yokoyama
Paul Adie
Sam Tho Duong
Rita Soto
Sara Gackowska
Hae Cho Chung
Ryuhei Sako
Laurenz Stockner
Ashley YK Yeo
Simone Pheulpin
Richard McVetis
Mercedes Vicente
Chang Yeonsoon
Christopher Kurtz
Wycliffe Stutchbury
Joe Hogan
Julian Watts

Credits: All media
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