National Urban League Leadership Series: George Edmund Haynes

President 1910 - 1918

George Edmund HaynesNational Urban League

George Edmund Haynes’ work to establish the National Urban League movement began long before his arrival to New York City.

After graduating high school in the segregated south, Haynes left his home in Pine Bluff, Ak. to study social work at Fisk University. He then went onto become of the first black master's graduate from Columbia University.

Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio by N.U.L. ArchivesNational Urban League

Hayne's background in social work led him to the Urban league where became executive director and set the foundation for the work of the organization for the next 100 years.

During his time with the National Urban League, he also established a black social work training program at Fisk University (pictured here) and advocated for the creation of pipeline of black social workers who could serve Urban League affiliates across the country.

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