Renaissance paintings in Oropa

Bernardino Lanino

The Last Supper (1550/1580) by Bernardino LaninoSantuario e Sacro Monte di Oropa

Bernardino Lanino and the Last Supper

Among the most valuable paintings preserved in Oropa, there are those made by Bernardino Lanino (1512 – 1582), a painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Milan. The Last Supper  is a variant of the one made for the Church of San Nazzaro in Milan. As a pupil of Gaudenzio Ferrari, he was inspired by the painting made by his master for the Church of Santa Maria della Passione in 1544

"The Last Supper" is located in the Ancient Basilica of Oropa.

Saint John at Christ's right side

The agitation among the disciples after Jesus said “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me.”

A landscape in the background

The plague in Biella in 1522 (1512/1583) by Bernardino LaninoSantuario e Sacro Monte di Oropa

The plague in Biella in 1522

The 15th and 16th centuries were difficult for Piedmont because of the numerous plagues. In 1522 the city of Biella was spared from the contagion. This painting is the oldest ex voto to be found in the Sanctuary: it was donated by the City of Biella following the plague of 1522

Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian are specially invoked against the plague.
The saints offered hope and healing before, during, and after times of plague

Saint Roch displays the wound of his martyrdom without evidence of pain or suffering

The dog, who Roch believed was a gift from God, brought him bread every day

Adoration of the Child (1550/1599) by Lanino Bernardino (?)Santuario e Sacro Monte di Oropa

The Adoration of the Christ Child

In Oropa there two paintings "Adoration of the Christ Child" attributed to Bernardino Lanino and his school. The first, with the addition of some ruins, is a replica of the table in the Fontana collection in Turin

Mary has her hands folded in prayer and St. Joseph has his arms crossed in his chest

The Child is tenderly lying on Mary's mantle

Adoration of the shepherds (1590/1610) by Workshop of Bernardino LaninoSantuario e Sacro Monte di Oropa

The second Adoration of the Child Christ
seems to be an early 17th century copy of the sketch attributed to Lanino and kept at the Accademia Albertina in Turin

Together with three shepherds, St Joseph and Mary contemplates the Child

Jesus lies on Mary's mantle

The ox and the donkey

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