Stavanger Airport, Sola

Arrive at and depart from the world's first "street art" airport.

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart


Avinor's Control Tower. The world's first street art control tower.

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart

Combining hundreds of hand-cut stencils, the artist creates monumental urban interventions mixing intricate black and white compositions on backgrounds of colour.

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart

Polish artist M-City, best known for his large-scale industrial themed murals was chosen for our first project with Avinor, the owners of the regions main commercial airport

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart

Over six days, M-City covered the control tower at Stavanger Airport, Sola, with his signature post-industrial creations.

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart

The completed 600 square metres large artwork was the first of its kind in the world.

All sides of the tower were covered, offering the viewer a different perspective from every angle.

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart

The work is one of Norway's largest public art works and can be seen close up whilst taxiing on the runway as well as from miles around.

Control Tower (September 2013) by M-CityNuart

Gone Beliver (September 2018) by SnikNuart


Gone Believer

Gone Beliver (September 2018) by SnikNuart

British street art duo Snik are best-known for their large scale multi-layered hand-cut stencil pieces.

Their dedication to manual and time-consuming techniques makes the duos work easily recognisable and can be found on walls and in galleries worldwide.

For this piece, they drew inspiration from 19th century Pre-Raphaelite paintings to create a large-scale mural inside the arrivals terminal.

Gone Beliver (September 2018) by SnikNuart

The two female figures, both wearing a crown of flowers, appear caught in a moment of reverie — they greet all travelers passing through the arrivals hall.

Endless Flight (September 2018) by Hama WoodsNuart

Hama Woods

Endless Flight

Hama Woods is Norway's foremost female street artist, she is based in Oslo, Norway.

Her work is characterised by using highly detailed, hand-cut multi-layered stencils, often mixing monochrome animals with colourful backgrounds or details.

Hama's work shows deep respect for humanities connection to nature. 

Endless Flight (September 2018) by Hama WoodsNuart

For her work at Stavanger Airport, she depicted a playful meercat flying above a cityscape in a homemade aircraft.

AZ RSML: DISRUPTION 04 (September 2017) by Add FuelNuart

Add Fuel

AZ RSML: Disruption 04

Diogo Machado, professionally known as Add Fuel, is a Portuguese illustrator and street artist best known for his work reinterpreting traditional tile design, especially that of the Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic azulejo.

The artist aims to combine traditional decorative elements with contemporary visual references.

His signature works combine multiple layers and optical illusions, making it look as if his paintings break free from or reveal hidden layers in their environment.

AZ RSML: DISRUPTION 04 (September 2017) by Add FuelNuart

For the work at Stavanger Airport, the artist referenced the traditional Norwegian decorative folk art of rosemaling found in the region.

Chinook Hearts (September 2014) by Martin WhatsonNuart

Martin Whatson

Chinook Hearts

Norwegian street and stencil artist Martin Whatson is best known for his colourful take on graffiti motifs, portraying monochrome stencilled figures interacting with extravagant swatches of multicoloured graffiti imagery.

The location of the mural is opposite the regions main Heliport.

For Stavanger Airport, Whatson took one of his most famous images, Chinook Hearts, and remade it on a impressive scale.

The work depicts a Chinook helicopter, often used in humanitarian disaster-relief operations, carrying two red hearts.

It covers one of the walls of the parking structure at the airport and is impossible to miss for anyone exiting the terminal building.

Untitled (September 2019) by 1UPNuart

1UP Crew

The piece is intended as a tribute to graffiti writers painting trackside.

Untitled (September 2019) by 1UPNuart

The wall is located right next to the departure terminal entrance which is one of the highest footfall areas in the region.

1UP is among the most well-known graffiti crews in the world, thanks to their spectacular stunts of professional video productions.

They have been bombing the streets of Berlin since the early 2000s and have managed to tread the line between traditional graffiti and contemporary art practice.

Untitled (September 2019) by 1UPNuart

Whilst staying true to their graffiti roots, they've excelled at pushing the art form into continuously more adventurous territory, producing major conceptual interventions worldwide.

Credits: Story

Photography: Brian Tallman, Ian Cox, Kalevkevad
Design and project management: Studio Bergini
Copy: Erik Sæter Jørgensen

Curated by Martyn Reed for Nuart

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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