A Social Inclusion through Street Art Partnership

Raising awareness about marginalised groups with photorealist murals in Stavanger, Norway.

Nuart partnered with Attende aiming to raise awareness about marginalised groups through street art.

Attende is a job training company specialising in finding strengths where others see weaknesses, promoting the message that everyone has an important role to play in society. The organisation allows people with different challenges to participate in working life on equal footing with others.

Helge (September 2018) by SmugNuart


Australian artist Smug, aka Smug One, was chosen for the first project. As one of the world's leading photo-realist muralists, the attention the mural gained has significantly raised awareness about local marginalised groups.

Helge (September 2018) by SmugNuart

A portrait of Helge

This mural overlooks the entrance to Kannik Middle School in Stavanger. The mural depicts Helge, who the artist came to know on his visit to Attende. Helge cannot read and found it challenging to obtain employment in a regular workplace.

Through Attende, he found a position he was uniquely qualified for — shredding documents containing sensitive information.

Helge (September 2018) by SmugNuart

The portrait of Helge functions as a reminder of how everyone can make an essential and positive contribution to society.

Helge (September 2018) by SmugNuart

Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang) (September 2018) by Fintan MageeNuart

Fintan Magee (AU)

Australian Fintan Magee's large-scale mural was the second collaboration between Nuart and Attende.

This mural was produced fittingly on the LO Union building in central Stavanger. Fintan chose to depict Yvonne and Ingebrigt from the “Clean City Gang” (Ren By Gjengen).

Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang) public opening (September 2018) by Fintan MageeNuart

Clean City Gang

Every Monday to Friday, the group collects litter from the city streets — over two tons annually and ranging from discarded fast-food wrappers to cigarette butts.

Several group members have been doing this essential work for more than a decade.

Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang) public opening (September 2018) by Fintan MageeNuart

The mural was officially opened to much fanfare by the Mayor of Stavanger.

Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang) (September 2018) by Fintan MageeNuart


Fintan Magee is an Australian painter best known for his large-scale figurative murals. The artist finds kinship in the social realist murals of the past, and his practice regularly engages with contemporary social and environmental issues.

Smug is a world-renowned Australian street artist known for his large-scale photorealist murals, often depicting friends, which he paints using traditional graffiti methods using only spray cans. Smug lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Credits: Story

Design and project management: Studio Bergini 
Photography: Brian Tallman
Copy Editing: Erik Sæter Jørgensen

Curated by Martyn Reed for Nuart 

Credits: All media
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