Inspirational Black Business Leaders in Greater Manchester

Learn from 5 inspirational Black business leaders who have thrived in Greater Manchester

Central Libray Manchester (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


As of February 2021, there are currently is no black chairperson in any of Britain's top 100 companies. 
However there are black business leaders in Greater Manchester whose relentless efforts towards entrepreneurship are an inspiration to the community. 

Cody Gapare 4 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Cody Gapare - C - Lash

In a time when entrepreneurs are thought of as digital wizards. Cody Gapare shows that you can still be a successful entrepreneur through innovative product design.

Cody Gapare 1 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Positive C's

When Cody was diagnosed with breast cancer, she created her own range of eye lashes as she underwent chemotherapy. From her kitchen table, C-Lash was born. C-Lash stands for the Courageous, Champions, Can Do attitude and all the positive C’s of battling the disease. 

Cody Gapare (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Cody's advice for self belief

“Every morning write down everything you’re bad at on paper and on the other side, write the opposite of what that is. There you will see what you aim to be and subconsciously you work on it. 
Also, work on yourself. Take courses in areas you feel you need to improve.”

Danny Manu 3 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Danny Manu - Mymanu

Thanks to his extensive background in the music industry as a producer and his knowledge of the tech industry through years of work as an engineer, Danny developed the world’s first truly wireless earbuds with live voice translation, Mymanu Clik +. 

Clik 3 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Notable Achievements

Following the successful launch of Mymanu Clik + in Europe, Asia and the US, Danny has launched Mymanu Clik S for fitness, travel and music enthusiasts; and a social messaging and translation App, MyJuno, aimed at helping businesses to break down language barriers.

Danny Manu 5 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Danny's advice for young people

"If you work hard enough and have that determination, you can break through and make a name. You just need to have that passion and ideas ready to make the world a better place. You also need to believe in your own capabilities and stay strong when others say no."

Danny Williams 1 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Danny Williams - Next Level Consultancy

Danny is a conscientious, ambitious and driven entrepreneur that has a passion for working with people. Leaning on over 12 years of experience – Danny specialises in supporting business owners across the UK in creating, shaping and developing their sales and marketing strategies.

Next Level Logo (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Making connections

As the Founder and Managing Director of Next Level Consultancy, Next Level Networking and Next Level Marketing Agency, Danny works to empower others and best connect the business community. He became Manchester President for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in 2021.

Danny Williams 1 (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Danny's advice for future entrepreneurs

"No matter how hard it gets, you always have the power and ability to work the problem. When you struggle, and you will at some point, remember that nobody has to do it alone and there is strength in seeking support from the right people around you." 

Carla Zuill (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Carla Zuill - sheHUB

Carla Zuill, from Stretford, Manchester, established SheHUB.TV in 2018, a lifestyle website dedicated to women of all ages from diverse backgrounds. Carla is also founder of the Women’s Empowerment Summit, which celebrated its fifth year when Covid hit in 2020.

Technology (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


Carla is currently part of FreelanceHER 100, a 12-week accelerator programme created by GM Chamber partners IN4.0 and HOST. FreelanceHER 100 aims to kick-start the entrepreneurial careers of 109 women across the North West working in digital, creative, media and technology.

Jamaal Brathwaite (21st Century)Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Jamaal Brathwaite - Jobseekrs®

Jamaal Brathwaite is a Barbadian-born entrepreneur who formed the Manchester-based careers platform Jobseekrs® in 2017. Through technology Jobseekrs® champions inclusive work culture and equality. Jamaal has drawn on his own experiences of unconscious bias to achieve this.


Through both research and personal experience, Jamaal identified frustrations in the job matching process for both candidates and employers. With both parties often spending a great deal of time on multiple interview stages prior to realising they were not well suited.

Culture Add

Jamaal has developed a unique approach to the hiring process. Initially removing any potentially bias influential factors from a candidates profile before taking the candidate through a 'culture-add' assessment containing 11 psychometric questions.

Award Winner

In recent times Jamaal has received great acclaim for his work.  He has been named as one of the “Top 50 Most Inspiring, prominent and influential black voices in UK Tech” by TechNation, along with being featured in various shows on Channel 4, ITV & Sky News.

Sources of Inspiration

Inspired by his late mother and his own personal experiences. Jamaal is committed to disrupting the status quo to create a more equal world of opportunities for all. He is already working with some prominent businesses including Bruntwood, Telefonica and Entrust. 

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