#AsMulheresQueMeHabitam - The Women Who Inhabit Me

Young men present their mothers as a radiant portal to the feminine in themselves and in their relationships with the women in their lives

Exhibit #asmulheresquemehabitam (The Women Who Inhabit Me) at Unibes Cultural by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

The Women Who Inhabit Me

The exhibition is the result of interviews with real stories transformed into poetry by Flávia Campos - a writer who uses her words to show the freshness of a society with equity versus an aging patriarchal society.

Zoom in the posters and discover these poems.

#asmulheresquemehabitam, Marcia by Vitor, Denise by Tici by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

The idea for this exhibition came from an inspiring encounter between the collective ASAS.br.com and two young engineers...

...who saw the strength and beauty of women through the journey of maturity of their own mothers.

Inspired by the stories of Vitor and Tici are the poems that open the exhibition with several other boys about the women who inhabit them.

"Márcia by Vitor"

Women of choices,
hair and smiles
free and loose in the wind
never lingers
in sadness
for she knows happiness
and lightness

Telma by Fernando, Lúcia by Matu by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

"Telma by Fernando"

In her who is already a giant,
an even more immense woman
is always to come

Fernanda by Lucas and Lúcia by Jonas by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

Maristela by Marcus, Maria Alice by Gustavo by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

"Maristela by Marcus"

Her future is immense,
her courage is vast
she keeps on waltzing through roads
that will take her wherever she wants to land

"Maria Alice by Gustavo"

Fortress embroidered in
concrete lines
its corners make
life lighter
that overflows
through the gaps,
beside her
is never brief

Rosa by Danilo, Tati by Davi by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

"Rosa by Danilo"

A patchwork quilt
makes up your courage
all the women
in the world fit into it
There is no end
in your generosity
you are immensity
that overflows through the window

"Tati by Davi"     

Woman of honest choices,
who embroiders the future
between lights and gaps

Roberta by Rick by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

"Roberta by Rick"     

She has wings to fly
and arms to welcome
even though life hurts
she always chooses to live

Rosana by Francis, Rose by Gelmo by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

Lia by André by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

"Lia by André"     

It is ultimately
a profound act of love
all the marks that
she leaves in the world
frees us from pain

Roberta by Rodrigo, Shirlei by Vitor by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

In the quest to regenerate the world, we need now more than ever to accelerate the removal of archaic obstacles that hold back or prevent the growth of equity value.

The importance of the feminine having more voice and space in our lives is one of the fundamental points to remedy many of our pains as a society, and to consolidate the equality of genders.

#thewomenwhoinhabitme by ASAS.BR.COMUnibes Cultural

#theWomenWhoInhabitMe opens a conversation and reflection about this male gaze empowered by the feminine.

And you, who are the women who inhabit you?

Credits: Story

Exposição "As Mulheres que me Habitam"

Patrocínio Master: Ernst & Young
Patrocínio: Banco Safra
Apoio: EVI, Basf
Parceiros de conteúdo: Vogue, GQ, Glamour, Petra Belas Artes
Idealização: Asas.br.com
Realização: Linha da Cultura, Metrô, Unibes Cultural, Unibes

Criação e estratégias Narrativas • Paula Trabulsi & Tatiana de Lemos Lemos
Produção Executiva • Roberta Trabulsi
Pesquisas de História e Conteúdo • Suely Straub
Agradecimento Especial (por nos ajudar a encontrar as histórias) • EVI Brasil
Direção de Arte e Colagens • Palmiro Domingues (gentilmente cedido - Edições Globo Condé Nast)
Comunicação e Assistência de Design • Isabela de Andrade
Poemas • Flávia Campos

Credits: All media
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