1934–1944: The Final Years in Paris

Life by the Seine

Centre Pompidou

Apartment building at 135 boulevard de la Seine in Neuilly-sur-Seine (1938) by Breitenbach, JosephCentre Pompidou

Kandinsky had to flee again, and chose Paris. He set up his studio in a two-bedroom apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine where he had a view of the Seine. 

Bleu de ciel (Sky Blue) (1940) by Kandinsky, VassilyCentre Pompidou

He produced a lot of art but sold very little. He spent time with Jean Arp and Joan Miro. His artistic evolution was marked by a surprising softness and and new freedom in his painting (Sky Blue (Bleu de Ciel, 1940).

Wassily Kandinsky's studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine (c. 1980) by Krüger, WernerCentre Pompidou

His years in Paris brought a more organic and natural flair to his geometric abstraction. In spite of hardship brought on by the war, Kandinsky refused to emigrate to the United States.

Unfinished Painting (1944) by Kandinsky, VassilyCentre Pompidou

From 1942, the situation worsened, and Kandinsky would paint flat on makeshift wood and cardboard supports. His palette darkened. Kandinsky died from a stroke on December 13, 1944. 

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