Where Did Kandinsky Live?

Explore the many homes of a travelling painter

Centre Pompidou

At the end of the summer of 1908, Gabriele Münter and Kandinsky spent a few weeks in Murnau, a small Bavarian village that they discovered on the shores of lake Staffel. 

Home of Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter in Murnau by AnonymousCentre Pompidou

They lived here in Murnau in a house purchased by Gabrielle Münter in 1909, and which became a place of life, conversation, and creativity.

Kandinsky sold the house he inherited in 1913, and in the same year, he began construction of a new building with six floors and 24 apartments overlooking Zubovskaya Square, which he often painted.

Wassily Kandinsky's apartment building in Moscow on the corner of Dolguy Street and Trety Neopalimovsky Street by Makroff, OlgaCentre Pompidou

 In 1915, he moved in on the top floor. 

In 1922, upon invitation by his director, the architect Walter Gropius, he rejoined the experimental Bauhaus school in Weimar, and later Dessau, as a teacher until the permanent closure of the school in 1933.  

Construction site for Bauhaus in Dessau built by Walter Gropius by Moholy, LuciaCentre Pompidou

In 1934, Vassily and Nina Kandinsky moved into an apartment on the sixth floor of a new building in Neuilly-sur-Seine. 

Apartment building at 135 boulevard de la Seine in Neuilly-sur-Seine by Breitenbach, JosephCentre Pompidou

After setting up his studio, Kandinsky jumped back into his work and returned to painting, exhibiting in Paris and in Europe, and published a number of theoretical texts in defense of abstract art.

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