The Voice - Britain's favourite Black newspaper

As The Voice newspaper approaches its 40th anniversary, let us take a peek into its rich archives to celebrate the personal achievements of Black British personalities

Desmonds (1984) by VOICEThe Voice Newspaper

The Voice newspaper

The Voice has chronicled the history of African and Caribbean communities since 1982. As it enters its 40th year, this collection looks back at individuals and a few key milestones covering politics, public life, media, arts and entertainment. (Photo: Desmonds - TV comedy 1990s)

Val McCalla (2017) by Voice NewspaperThe Voice Newspaper

Val McCalla, the man behind The Voice newspaper

Founded in 1982 by Val McCalla, a group of businessmen and journalists, The Voice catered for the interests of Black people in Britain. The first issue coincided with the Notting Hill carnival covering news, investigative and human interests stories, sports and entertainment.

Stephen Lawrence (1993) by Voice NewspaperThe Voice Newspaper

From the aftermath of the inner-city uprisings and the oppressive police ‘Sus’ laws, to the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and the subsequent public inquiry, the paper has wielded a campaigning edge to be advocates for change as well as faithfully reporting stories that were so often absent from the mainstream media.

Black Business (2018) by Voice Business MagazineThe Voice Newspaper

The Voice newspaper has also reflected all that is positive, creative and inspiring about black British culture. It aims to empower Black British people to achieve their potential and feel proud of who they are. The Voice has facilitated the conversations that helped shape the community; championed innovative black businesses and encouraged support for them by producing numerous articles and in recent years, The Voice Black Business Guide. Discover more about this here

Bernie Grant (1987) by Rod Leon/GettyThe Voice Newspaper

The Voice's collection shares moments – and the people who have championed change – for the black communities across the UK, and their influence on Black British culture and identity.

Here you can see (L-R) Bernie Grant MP, Rev Jessie Jackson, Diane Abbott MP, Keith Vaz MP and Lord David Pitt.

Yvonne Connolly (1969) by Central Press/GettyThe Voice Newspaper

Over almost four decades, The Voice has chronicled a journey marked by many firsts. The first Black: trade union leader Bill Morris, cabinet minister Paul Boateng, England football captain Paul Ince, London Police Officer in Norwell Gumbs, Headteacher Yvonne Connolly and NHS Nurse Kofoworola Pratt.

Lord Bill Morris, David Levenson/Getty 1998, 1998, From the collection of: The Voice Newspaper
Paul Boateng, Steve Eason/Getty, 1999, From the collection of: The Voice Newspaper
Norwell Lionel Gumbs, Douglas Miller/Getty, 1967, From the collection of: The Voice Newspaper
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John Barnes (1984) by Frank Tewkesbury/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty 1984The Voice Newspaper

It is also a story of sporting success embodied by the likes of Tessa Sanderson, John Barnes and Linford Christie and many more. 

Tessa Sanderson, Central Press/Getty, 1979, From the collection of: The Voice Newspaper
John Barnes, Mark Leech/Getty, 1984, From the collection of: The Voice Newspaper
Linford Christie, David Ashdown/Getty, 1988, From the collection of: The Voice Newspaper
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Zadie Smith (2001) by Colin McPherson/Sygma via Getty Images)The Voice Newspaper

The Voice has also celebrated authors, such as Malorie Blackman, Dorothy Koomsman and as pictured here, Zadie Smith. 

Smith is an English novelist, essayist, and short-story writer. Her debut novel, White Teeth, immediately became a best-seller and won a number of awards. 

The Voice (1982) by VoiceThe Voice Newspaper

Through-out history, The Voice has and continues to spread stories and celebrate the individuals making a mark. They speak up about the most significant moments relating to Black British news and have become a voice for the all communities to learn, understand and celebrate. Discover more from the collection here.

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