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Located at Rua XV de Novembro, 275,  the MUB3 headquarters represents not only the stage for important capital market operations, but also the historical and architectural evolution present in the center of the capital of São Paulo.

Map of the so-called "triangle", Sao Paulo (2024-02-19) by Anna Carolina de Oliveira LeiteMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

XV de Novembro Street

Its name is a tribute to the Proclamation of the Republic. However, the street was once known as Rosário Street, in reference to the old Church of the Rosary of Black Men, and Empress Street, in honor of the Portuguese royal family.

Explore XV of November Street

It extends from Sé Square to São João Avenue  encompassing an important geographical area of downtown São Paulo. When traveling this route, it is possible to access strategic points in the historic triangle.

Advertisement of the lottery agency "Casa Barletta" in the Correio Paulistano newspaper (1900-01-01) by Correio PaulistanoMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, this street played a unique role in the city's growth.

It is here that initially, tailoring shops, pharmacies, grocery stores, and workshops established themselves.

Details of the façade of the B3 building (2024-02-24) by Natália TondaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

With the arrival of the tram, the street became frequented by São Paulo's elite, and the old wattle and daub constructions gave way to new buildings with classical architectural influences brought from Europe and the USA. Years later, it became known as the "street of banks."

Bovespa Facade by BovespaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Building Architecture

Our headquarters features neoclassical style with monumentality, symmetry, and imposing porticos. It was built in 1940 to serve as the headquarters of the Bank of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo - Comind, by Rangel Christoffel and Olavo Caiuby.

Front façade of the B3 building (2020-11-06) by B3MUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil


Due to its architectural and historical significance, this building was listed in 1992 by the Municipal Council for the Preservation of Historical, Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the City of São Paulo - Conpresp, which ensures the preservation of its external characteristics.

Entrance to overnight storage rooms (2024-02-24) by Natália TondaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Observe the preserved details

The 'bocas de lobo,' or 'wolf mouths,' were accessories used for night deposits during the period when it housed the Comind.

The imposing porticos are a symbol of this building, conveying the grandeur and elegance of the classic architectural style. The iron doors and railings are original and date back to the 1940s.

Details of the B3 façade (2024-02-24) by Natália TondaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

The metal plaque from Bovespa dates back to the period when the institution operated in this building. Maintaining the classical and symmetrical style, it integrates harmoniously with the noble coatings used since the beginning of the construction.

Events at XV Building: Trading Floor

The XV building housed the open outcry trading floor until its closure in 2005. This daily event involved the buying and selling of stocks by floor traders who announced their orders with characteristic shouts and gestures.

Petrobrás follow on (2010-09-24) by BMF&BOVESPAMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Events at the XV Building: IPO

Over time, the building has also hosted iconic IPOs that punctually transformed its facade. These ceremonies symbolize the companies' initial public offerings, when the first sales of their shares occur through a public offering.

Hammer (1999-10-27) by BovespaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Events at the XV Building: Auctions

The building has also been the setting for auctions and concessions of public companies. Important privatizations have taken place here, such as that of the Tietê Electric Power Generation Company, São Paulo Metro lines, infrastructure auctions, among others.

Internal detail of the scale model on exhibition at MUB3 (2024-02-22) by Natália TondaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Transformations of the lobby

After the closure of the open outcry trading session, the lobby of the building underwent a transformation, aiming to attract visitors and provide an informative experience about the capital market.

Raymundo Magliano Filho Area (2009/2009) by Agência LuzMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Opened in 2006, the Bovespa Space was revamped in 2008 as the BM&FBovespa Space and renamed the Raymundo Magliano Filho Visiting Space two years later. In 2019, it bid farewell with a "see you soon" from the lobby.

Ground floor of B3 (2023-08-05) by Leandro MartinsMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil

Ground floor of B3

In 2020, the ground floor of B3 inaugurated a new phase. Transformations on the ground floor provide a renewed experience for visitors, auctions and events. Highlights include the LED panel, cafeteria and, of course, the MUB3 - Brazil's Stock Exchange Museum. 

Detail of the exhibition design of MUB3 (2024-02-24) by Natália TondaMUB3 - Museu da bolsa do Brasil


MUB3 preserves and shares the history of the Brazilian capital market. The exhibition takes a  thematic and chronological approach to the early exchanges and their contribution to the country's economic and social development.

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We offer accessibility resources, such as audio guides, videos in Libras, tactile models, Braille subtitles, ramps and accessible bathrooms. After this incredible journey through the MUB3 house, continue discovering content about the capital markets.

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