Have you Seen this Cabbage?

Go on a hunt for the Jadeite Cabbage at the National Palace Museum, Taiwan

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Welcome to the National Palace Museum, Taiwan!

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There it is!

Jadeite Cabbage (Qing dynasty (1644-1911)) by UnknownNational Palace Museum

This piece of jade is almost completely identical to a piece of bok choy cabbage.

As the museum says, "Carved from verdant jadeite, the familiar subject, purity of the white vegetable body, and brilliant green of the leaves all create for an endearing and approachable work of art."

Can you find the secret hidden in this work of art?

The National Palace Museum says, "Let's also not forget the two insects that have alighted on the vegetable leaves! They are a locust and katydid, which are traditional metaphors for having numerous children."

Jadeite Cabbage

Jadeite Cabbage (Qing dynasty (1644-1911)) by UnknownNational Palace Museum

"This work originally was placed in the Forbidden City's Yong-he Palace, which was the residence of the Guang-xu Emperor's (r. 1875-1908) Consort Jin." 

"For this reason, some have surmised that this piece was a dowry gift for Consort Jin to symbolize her purity and offer blessings for bearing many children." 

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