A Sweet Retreat to Türkiye: The Land of Syrupy Desserts

From baklava to kadayıf, Türkiye is a true dessert-lover's paradise!

Sweet Unity: The Cultural Significance of Turkish Desserts

Bülbül Yuvası Dessert (2023-01-01) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Going beyond being exquisite food items, desserts hold great cultural significance in Türkiye as a unifying force that promotes a sense of community among people as they are a cultural symbol of unity and togetherness.

Hayrabolu dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

These desserts have strong ties to special events and are considered a culinary custom as they have been inherited across generations and are deeply ingrained in Turkish heritage.

A tray of home made baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

And as these desserts can be homemade, families take pride in their unique recipes and techniques.

Kemalpaşa Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Besides special occasions such as Bayram holidays, where it is customary to offer visitors desserts as a gesture of hospitality and warmth in Turkish culture, serving desserts like baklava or kadayıf is also considered a traditional way of welcoming guests into one's abode. 

Golden Layers of Türkiye: Baklava Culture

Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

A true celebration of endless flavours, variety and culture!

Janissaries carrying baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The Royal Legacy of Baklava

In the Ottoman Empire, baklava was considered a delicacy reserved for the royal family and the elite. It was a dessert that was primarily made in the “saray” (palace) kitchens, and it was often served to guests and dignitaries.

Baklava with pistachios (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

As the popularity of baklava spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, the dessert has become widely available across the land.

Today, baklava is considered a national delicacy in Türkiye, symbolizing the country's rich cultural heritage with numerous variations.

Homemade Baklava with walnuts (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The magic of Turkish baklava lies in the harmonious blend of textures and flavours for a sensational experience for the senses.

Baklava with pistachios (GoTürkiye) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The delicate dough, contrasted with the decadent syrup and luscious fillings, creates a symphony of flavours and textures in each bite.

Gaziantep Baklava Story

Mussel shaped Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Muska dessert with pistachios (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

While it starts off with humble ingredients, baklava-making is an intricate process requiring a great deal of skill and attention to detail.

Triangle shaped Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

So much so that traditional baklava recipes call for 40 layers of delicate dough that are each carefully rolled out and brushed with butter.

Şöbiyet Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

As baklava dough is very thin and delicate, it can easily tear if not handled correctly. It must also be kept covered with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out.  Each layer is also evenly coated with a mixture of nuts before being baked and draped in a sweet syrup.

A tray of delicious Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The syrup, şerbet, is a match made in heaven for dessert lovers as it is a luxuriously fragrant syrup that takes the already sumptuous baklava to a whole new level! 

Triangle shaped Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The sweet sugar is balanced by the acidic lemon creating the exceptional baklava şerbeti.

Baklava Bliss: Exploring the Irresistible Baklava Delights

Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Harmonious fusions of sugar, nuts and everything nice!

Baklava with pistachios (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Baklava varieties often get their names from the way the dough is cut or the shape they take after cooking. The most well-known shapes, the baklava diamond and baklava square make up the most popular baklava varieties.

Havuç Dilim (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

However, the world of baklava is a diverse and exciting one, with numerous delightful variations. This delectable dessert takes on new forms and flavours from region to region, offering a sweet journey for the adventurous dessert lover!       

Fıstıklı Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Dilber Dudağı Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Dilber Dudağı (Beauty’s Lips)

Dilber dudağı is a creative baklava recipe with a unique shape that sets it apart, as it is not layered but features a shape similar to lips.

While the shape requires exquisite finesse to perfect, the end result is a gorgeous dessert with a dreamy texture.

Dilber Dudağı Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The unique shape of dilber dudağı not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides an advantage in evenly distributing the nut filling throughout each piece. As a result, each baklava is filled with a generous amount of nuts, making for a deliciously satisfying treat.

Rose shaped Baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Gül Baklava

A floral shape takes centre stage with gül baklava as it is named for its rose-like appearance.

Baklava dough is first rolled into a tight spiral, then sliced and arranged with layers facing up to create a stunning gül baklava.

Fıstıklı Dolama Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Fıstıklı Dolama

Pistachios find a new life in fıstıklı dolama, as it combines the bold flavour of pistachios with the delicate texture of baklava for a truly irresistible dessert! The thin dough becomes translucent after baking, allowing the distinct green color of the filling to shine through!

Burma baklava dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Saray Burması

A regal, golden-brown dessert, saray burması packs quite a tasty bite with a generous filling of nuts and pistachios. 

Each burma is delicately wrapped into rolls with a generous pistachio filling, then baked before meeting the ambrosial syrup for a divine flavour! 

Sivrihisar style triangle shaped baklava (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Muska Baklava

Yet another gourmet addition to the baklava selection is the muska baklava made with an earthy nut mixture.

As its shape resembles a precious amulet, muska, this baklava is considered a treasured gem in the sweet world of baklava!

A Tale of Two Sweets; Kadayıf and Künefe

Burma Kadayıf Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

One ingredient, many desserts with the magic of kadayıf!

Tel Kadayıf Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Tel Kadayıf

Crafted with utmost precision and care, tel kadayıf  is a string pastryresembling noodle which is skillfully soaked in a decadent syrup infused with the bright notes of lemon.

Tel Kadayıf Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Tel kadayıf was once a craft mastered by the skilled kadayıfçıyan, kadayıf experts, who have perfected the recipes, resulting in exquisite quality. While it is widely available now, the quality has not been compromised as tel kadayıf remains an indulgent dessert loved by all!

Kadayıf stuffed with walnuts (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Kadayıf Dolması

It does not come as a surprise to see stuffed desserts in Turkish cuisine, given the prevalence of stuffed, dolma, recipes. Although tel kadayıf is delicate, Turkish culinary maestros have perfected their ways of stuffing it, creating a tasty sensation: Kadayıf dolması!

Bread pudding with sour cherry (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Ekmek Kadayıfı (Bread Kadayıf)

With a history dating back to the royal kitchens of the Ottoman Empire, ekmek kadayıfı is a dessert that has evolved over time to become quite distinct from its tel kadayıf counterparts with its special yet modest ingredient(s), bread (and occasionally, cherries)!

Bread pudding with sour cherry (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Bread pudding (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

This delectable treat starts with soaking a special bread in sweet syrup, then it is layered with silky kaymak, Turkish milk cream. The result is a light fluffy texture with a bold flavour that's nothing short of divine!

Cennet Çamuru (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Cennet Çamuru (Heaven –Heavenly– Mud)

From the sunny city of Kilis, cennet çamuru is an ingenious recipe that serves as a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Crispy tel kadayıf is first bathed in a pistachio-infused syrup, then served with kaymak and dusted with fragrant cinnamon for an amazing feast.

Künefe Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


Always arriving at the table piping hot, a Hatay delicacy künefe is made with golden-brown tel kadayıf filled with buttery cheese in the middle that perfectly balances the sweet syrup.

Künefe Dessert (2023-01-01) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Each bite is a pleasurable combination of crunchy and soft textures, where the crispiness of kadayıf contrasts with the creaminess of the cheese, and the sweetness of the syrup adds richness to the experience.

Sweet Nectar of the Land: Regional Syrupy Desserts

Şekerpare Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Indulging in Türkiye’s rich tapestry of regional desserts.

Lokma Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Whilst baklava and kadayıf may be considered hallmarks of Turkish cuisine, the realm of syrupy desserts in this culinary tradition extends far beyond these two beloved classics. 

Lokma Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

In fact, Turkish cuisine boasts a diverse and extensive repertoire of syrup-infused delicacies, numbering in the hundreds and offering a plethora of unique and exquisite flavors.

Burma baklava dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Halka Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Tulumba Tatlısı (Tulumba Dessert)

Tulumba, a quintessential Turkish dessert, is a true indulgence for those with a sweet tooth with a crispy outer layer and a soft and luscious interior.

Featuring pastry rings deep-fried to perfection and soaked in the aromatic syrup, tulumba is often served at festive occasions!

Tulumba Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Lokma Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Lokma Tatlısı (Sweet Bites / Morsel Dessert)

A sublime dessert that ignites the senses with its delectable textures is none other than the exceptional, bite-size lokma tatlısı!

Lokma Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

While the dough is made with just a few ingredients, lokma is remarkably fluffy, with a delicate texture and decadent syrup that coats each piece.

Demir Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Demir Tatlısı (Iron Dessert)

Hailing from Erzurum, demir tatlısı takes its name from the iron mould used to deep fry it, which not only creates an exquisite pattern but also plays a vital role in shaping the final texture of the dessert, transforming it into a true feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

Kemalpaşa Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Kemalpaşa Tatlısı

Made from baked cheese and a dreamy syrup mix, it stands out with its velvety texture and the cozy aroma of cloves and cinnamon.

Nevzine dessert from Kayseri (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


A pekmez (grape molasses) delicacy, nevzine is a unique addition to the dessert menu with its perfect balance of flavours from sweet pekmez and toasty tahin (tahini).

Nevzine surely offers an authentic taste of Türkiye as it combines tahin & pekmez, a staple in Turkish cuisine!

Şilke Dessert (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Şilke Tatlısı (Shilke Dessert)

Yet another pekmez delight, şilke tatlısı has a tender texture as it is made from a runny dough cooked in a pan. Layers of dough are then masterfully stacked, with a generous scattering of luscious walnuts nestled between each fold, and served with a rich drizzle of pekmez.

Pumkin dessert with tahini (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

A sweet glimpse into the Türkiye’s exquisite desserts provides an unparalleled gustatory experience and inspires awe in even the most sophisticated dessert connoisseurs!

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