Savour the Flavours with Savoury Turkish Breakfast Foods!

When it comes to breakfast in Türkiye, world-renowned savoury Turkish dishes turn each and every breakfast spread into a feast

Eggs with pastrami and sujuk for breakfast (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Versatile and Nutritious, Eggs Are Delicious!

When you say “kahvaltı” in Türkiye, one of the first things that comes to mind is the rich variety of Turkish egg recipes.

While it is common to serve hard or soft-boiled eggs, served in special egg holders at a breakfast spread, Türkiye also offers more sophisticated egg recipes to try.

Fried eggs for Turkish breakfast (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Sahanda Yumurta (Sunny Side Up Eggs)

One must savour the buttery sunny side up eggs cooked in traditional Turkish copper pans using creamy Turkish butter, tereyağı.

Menemen, an egg-based Turkish breakfast dish (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

In addition to humble egg recipes, there are countless tempting egg dishes served at a breakfast spread such as the vegetarian go-to, menemen, which is prepared with tomatoes, peppers and eggs, and sucuklu yumurtaa spicy alternative for meat lovers.

A platter of cheese (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Cheese Makes Everything Better!

Great news for cheese lovers. As approximately 200 different kinds of cheese are produced in Türkiye, and various types of cheese are served at Turkish breakfast, each unique to a different region.

Gruyere cheese from Kars (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Some of the notable types of cheese for breakfast include: İzmir Tulum, Çeçil,  Çökelek, Eski Kaşar.

A platter of İzmir Tulum cheese (2023)GoTürkiye

İzmir Tulum Cheese

Kaşar cheese (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Eski Kaşar

A platter of Çeçil cheese and Örgü cheese (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Çeçil Cheese

Curd cheese, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
Aged kaşar cheese from Eastern Anatolia, Kars, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
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Turkish breakfast spread to energize your mornings (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Traditionally, the type of cheese served at breakfast depends on the season. During the spring and summer months, when the fresh milk supply is high, fresh cheeses such as çökelek, lor, and taze peynir are served intensively.

In winter, tulum, Ezine, Mihaliç that are prepared during the summer months and stored in cellars, are more popular.

Mihaliç cheese from Marmara Region, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
Sour cottage cheese, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
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Van Cheese with wild herbs, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
Cheese aged in a sack, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
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Turkish breakfast specialty from Black Sea: Kuymak (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Kuymak & Mıhlama

Turkish breakfast specialty from Black Sea: Kuymak (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Though cheese is mostly consumed as is, there are two sensational cheese dishes that are originally prepared in the Black Sea region yet gained popularity throughout the country thanks to their incredible flavours.

Kuymak and mıhlama, prepared with a type of local cheese, corn flour and butter, are enjoyed best by scooping up the piping hot creamy cheesy goodness with freshly baked crunchy bread.

Traditional olive cracking (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Zeytin, Olives

Olives have an important place on the breakfast tables around Türkiye.

Bursa Gemlik Olive (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Different types of olives at different maturity levels go through various processes to take their places at Turkish breakfast tables.

There is often more than just one type of olive at a superb breakfast spread.

Turkish olives and olive oil (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

They are sometimes named according to their maturity level, such as green and black olives. 

Sometimes, the production technique, such as brining or marinating, gives the olive its name.

Turkish olives and olive oil (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

While there are already numerous types of olives to be served at breakfast, the addition of different herbs and condiments such as olive oil, lemon, black pepper and thyme makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect olive at any Turkish breakfast table.

Sucuk, spiced Turkish sausages (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Nice to Meat You!

Craving for some red meat? Well, Turkish breakfast has got you covered with an exquisite selection of beef.

Turkish pastrami, a breakfast specialty in Central Anatolia (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Widely popular throughout the nation, especially in the provinces of Kayseri and Kastamonu with pastırma, and Afyon with sucuk, Turkish cured meats are made with distinctive blends of aromatic spices.

Hummus with pastrami (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Pastırma & Sucuk

Prepared by drying the meat during summer with a spice paste, çemen and salt, pastırma can be enjoyed as is, or lightly roasted with eggs.

Sucuk, spiced Turkish sausages (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Unlike pastırma, sucuk is prepared by mixing spices and salt with ground beef. Then, the prepared spicy mixture is filled into cleaned and dried intestinal membranes and dried in the sun.

Turkish pastrami, a breakfast specialty in Central Anatolia (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Both pastırma and sucuk, stored in suitable conditions, are tempting additions to any Turkish breakfast spread.

A variety of Turkish jams (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Sweet Turkish Breakfast Foods

If your sweet tooth is calling, these delightful foods at a Turkish breakfast will surely satisfy your cravings.

Turkish comb honey (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Thanks for Bee-ing a Friend!

No meal is complete without dessert! And Turkish breakfast brings the bright flavours of locally produced honey, jams and marmalades to the table every morning.

Turkish pine honey (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

As Türkiye ranks second in the world honey production with an annual production over 100,000 tons, honey is a breakfast staple, especially served over churned butter, tereyağı.

Turkish honey and clotted cream (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

While it could be enjoyed on its own, honey pairs wonderfully well with kaymak, a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream.

Eggplant jam (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Reçel & Marmelat, Jam & Marmalade

Even the humblest breakfasts at home in Türkiye have a selection of jams and marmalades on the table. So if you wish to try a variety of sweet flavoursürkiye offers an extraordinary array of jams and marmalades including cherry, rose, elderberry and even eggplant.

Grape molasses (2023)GoTürkiye

A Sweet Escape with Tahin Pekmez!

For those who seek a more adventurous taste, the most traditional bonne bouche of a Turkish breakfast is tahin pekmez,  known for its nutty and rich flavour. It is an exciting mix of tahini with pekmez, and grape molasses, that perfectly complements any pastry at a Turkish breakfast. 

Various items in a Turkish breakfast spread (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

And Everything in Between

Hot out of the oven bread with fresh cut veggies and dip, anyone?

Turkish Breakfast Spread

Turkish breakfast pastry varieties (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Bake the World a Better Place

Sourdough, whole wheat, rye… These are only a fraction of Turkey's incredible array of bread varieties! It is common for bread to be the centrepiece of any Turkish breakfast spread as it not only fills but also enhances the flavour of each bite.

Turkish simit, sesame rolls (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

There are simpler pastries for a quick bite such as simit, ring-shaped bread coated in sesame seeds.

Cornmeal Poğaça (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

As well as , poğaça, a savoury roll with various fillings, and açma, a type of soft savoury pastry, and there are far more intricate recipes that are quite a feast on their own.

Çibörek (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The Must-haves at a Turkish Breakfast

Gözleme - a savoury stuffed turnover, Pişi - fried bread puffs, Çi Börek - deep fried savoury turnovers, Kalem böreği - Turkish filo rolls, and, Puf böreği.

Pastry with meat filling, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
Gözleme, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
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Layered pastry with spinach, GoTürkiye, 2023-01-01, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
Turkish filo rolls, GoTürkiye, 2023, From the collection of: GoTürkiye
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Turkish breakfast with vegetarian options (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Vegetarians are in Luck!

The lively taste of fresh vegetables is a must for any breakfast spread in Türkiye. Fresh-cut tomatoes and cucumbers take their places as refreshing palate cleansers between sweet and savoury bites.

Green salad with pomegranates (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

In addition to these vegetables, locally grown greens such as basil, mint, parsley, and zahter, a fresh thyme salad, are served at breakfast for those who eat their greens.

Salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Locally produced tomatoes blended with olive oil, basil, thyme, pomegranate syrup and/or garlic are not only a healthy option but also bring forth the quality of the organic produce.

Traditional tomato and pepper paste (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Another intriguing option is salça, a flavourful tomato paste made with an exotic mix of herbs with locally grown tomatoes. And it is enjoyed best as the perfect topping for any and all pastries.

Dried fruits and nuts (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Turkish people usually keep a bowl of mixed nuts and dried fruit, such as pistachios, almonds, dried apricots and even figs on hand for snacking, and this applies to breakfast time as well.

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