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How we empower connections with historic places



CyArk with partners at Elephanta Island (2023)CyArk

Who we are

CyArk is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering our connection with historic places. 

Conservation architect Ayeni completes Laser scanning at Busanyin shrine (2021) by CyArkCyArk

Founded in 2003, CyArk pioneered the application of 3D recording technologies to preserve and celebrate cultural heritage and has worked with local partners at over 200 sites in more than 40 countries. 

Ahu Nau Nau in Front of a Hill in Rapa Nui (2019-01) by CyArkCyArk

What we do

CyArk strives to connect new audiences to heritage through place-based web, mobile and immersive experiences that inspire reflection, conversation, and imagination. Our work focuses on three areas.

Laser scanning Gateway of India (2018) by CyArkCyArk

Digital Documentation of Cultural Heritage

We leverage our 20 years of experience developing and refining a methodology for the creation of photo-realistic and accurate 3D models.  The 3D models inform heritage management strategies and serve as a resource for education, research, and virtual access.

CyArk works with community members in Patan, Nepal (2022) by CyArkCyArk

Create Equitable Access to Cultural Heritage

Our work seeks to expand access to cultural heritage through place-based storytelling immersive experiences, creating new opportunities for audiences to connect with places and their stories.

CyArk Team and Bangladeshi Partners on Rapid Emergency Documentation program (2022) by CyArkCyArk

Build Capacity in the Cultural Heritage Sector

We conduct virtual and in-person workshops to build both hard and soft skills that support the local management and protection of cultural heritage and have broad applicability and value in numerous career paths.

CyArk and Community Members at Osun Osogbo Event (2021) by CyArkCyArk

Our 20 Year Journey

As the underlying technology for capturing 3D data of cultural heritage has rapidly evolved over the last 20 years, so has our mission. 

Listen to our founder Ben Kacyra, CEO John Ristevski and VP Elizabeth Lee as they reflect on the origin and evolution of CyArk over the years.

Patan Durbar Square during a festival (2022) by CyArkCyArk

Want to know more?

To keep up with our progress sign up for our monthly newsletter. To support our continued efforts to document sites and continue to open our archive donate to our cause.

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