Journeys From Home: Osun Osogbo

Explore the Sacred Grove of Osun Osogbo, Nigeria

Statue of Alajere dancing for Osun (2019-09) by CyArkCyArk

The Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove in Nigeria

The Sacred Grove of Osun Osogbo is one of the last remaining sacred forests in Nigeria. The Grove is home to many monumental shrines built in honor of deities from the Yoruba pantheon. The shrines exhibit organic forms and are rich with symbolism and meaning.

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3D model of the shrine to Iya Moopo, godess of women's occupations (2019-12) by CyArkCyArk

Discovering Iya Moopo

The Iya Moopo statue in Osogbo, rises out of the forest. Iya Moopo is the “Great Mother” in Yoruba mythology and she protects women in all that they must do from bearing children to their professions or trades.

Three pairs of hands

The shrine in Osogbo is depicted with three hands to represent the giving of advice,  blessing and admonition.  

Bird figurines

The statue also features representations of Atiala and Atioro, bird-like figurines depicted clinging to the body of the shrine.

Bird figurines

According to Yoruba tradition, Atiala and Atioro are bird helpers and are also considered sacred.

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