At MOCA, we believe every object tells a story. In this video series called My MOCA Story, members of the museum community share the significance behind a special object or heirloom

Nancy Yao Maasbach (2020) by Nancy Yao MaasbachMuseum of Chinese in America

In this My MOCA Story, MOCA's President Nancy Yao Maasbach shares a special object that means the most to her and says something about who she is—a Chinese chess board game.

David Henry Hwang (2020) by David Henry HwangMuseum of Chinese in America

We asked David Henry Hwang, award-winning playwright, librettist, and screenwriter about his one special object that says the most about him—his father's watch.

Phil Chan (2020) by Phil ChanMuseum of Chinese in America

Phil Chan, arts advocate and co-founder of Final Bow for Yellowface reveals his one special object—his Fu Manchu mustache.

Herb Tam (2020) by Herb TamMuseum of Chinese in America

Herb Tam, MOCA’s Curator and Director of Exhibitions, reveals the object that means the most to him—a cassette single of A Tribe Called Quest's "Check the Rhime."

Lauren Nechamkin (2020) by Lauren NechamkinMuseum of Chinese in America

Lauren Nechamkin, MOCA’s Director of Education, shares her favorite object—her aunty's ID card—and the family story behind it.

Rocky Chin (2020) by Rocky ChinMuseum of Chinese in America

Rocky Chin, civil rights attorney and activist, reveals his favorite personal object that says the most about him—his City Council campaign button.

Shirley Young (2020) by Shirley YoungMuseum of Chinese in America

Shirley Young, co-founder of Committee of 100, reveals how her favorite personal object—her jade necklace—is linked to Sino-U.S. history. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Catherine Ma (2020) by Catherine MaMuseum of Chinese in America

Catherine Ma, psychology professor at Kingsborough Community College, reveals her object—ceramic figurines—and its special connection to one particular family business in Manhattan's Chinatown. ⁣ ⁣

Kristen (2020) by KristenMuseum of Chinese in America

Kristen reveals her favorite family object—"Ma Liang and His Magic Brush"—and offers a creative take on how you can shoot your My MOCA Story video. ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Betty Wong Ortiz (2020) by Betty Wong OrtizMuseum of Chinese in America

Betty Wong Ortiz reveals her one special object—her first marathon medal—and how it helps her cope with uncertain times. Betty was Director of Content at digital pharmacy startup Blink Health.

Julian Bell (2020) by Julian BellMuseum of Chinese in America

In this special edition of My MOCA Story, Julian reveals the object that means the most to him—his drum machine.

Sunhoo Foo (2020) by Sunhoo FooMuseum of Chinese in America

Dr. Sunhoo Foo is a neurologist at Tisch Hospital and a co-founder of CAIPA (Chinese American Independent Practice Association). His important object is his father's autobiography.

Siying Qu (2020) by Siying QuMuseum of Chinese in America

Siying Qu is the amazing co-founder and co-creative director of fashion brand Private Policy. She shares her precious family object—an embroidery hoop passed down from her great-grandmother.

Allen Wan (2020) by Allen WanMuseum of Chinese in America

Allen Wan, a Chinese-American New Yorker working in Shanghai, reveals the special object he chose—a jade Buddha from his mother—and why it means so much to him. ⁣

Taylor Koczot (2020) by Taylor KoczotMuseum of Chinese in America

Taylor Koczot reveals the special object she chose—her grandmother's ring—and the unique connection it has to her family.

Douglas Ng (2020) by Douglas NgMuseum of Chinese in America

Douglas Ng reveals the object he thinks best tells his family's history and the story of his father Sek Sim Ng—a pot of sausage rice.

Edmond Gor (2020) by Edmond GorMuseum of Chinese in America

This video comes from Edmond Gor, past national president of Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA), whose special object—a loaf of bread—represents what brought him to where he is today.

Charlotte Brooks (2020) by Charlotte BrooksMuseum of Chinese in America

This video comes from Professor Charlotte Brooks of Baruch College of CUNY whose favorite object—a map of Shanghai in 1935—has a link to the story of Chinese Americans in China.⁣

Kian Lam Kho (2020) by Kian Lam KhoMuseum of Chinese in America

This video comes from award-winning chef Kian Lam Kho whose favorite object—a Hunan steam pot—combines family, food and passion.⁣⁣

Joanne Kwong (2020) by Joanne KwongMuseum of Chinese in America

Joanne Kwong is the president of Pearl River Mart and partner in our museum store MOCA Shop by Pearl River. She does a special “unboxing” of her treasured object—pictures organized by her father.

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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