The Keys of the Bianchi Family

Enter the Museum and discover the story of the oldest living family of blacksmith keys in the world!

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The Bianchi

Bianchi is the name of the oldest family of businessmen in the world that, since 1770, have been producing keys and machines for their duplication.

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From generation to generation

Every generation worked with passion and brought its contribution to the development of the family business.

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1st Generation | The story begins

It was the 1770 as the forefather Matteo Bianchi (1752-1816) forged the first iron keys in his workshop in Cibiana di Cadore. This was the beginning of a long family business that survived to nowadays, currently the company is indeed lead by the 7th generation.

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3rd Generation | Exhibitions and fairs

Celestino Bianchi (1819-1878) took part in the first industrial exhibitions and the oldest document concerning the activity of the Bianchi family shows his participation in the Belluno Provincial exhibition in 1871.

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4rd Generation | The catalogue

Prospero Bianchi (1847-1925) had a great intuition. He collected the drawings of all the keys he used to forge, creating the first world’s keys catalogue. This was an innovative marketing tool for the company.

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5th Generation | Camillo Vittore's travels 

Camillo Vittore Bianchi (1894-1956) started new business relationships thanks to his business trips, that allowed the company to increase its sales. With his bag full of keys he left Cibiana by train to travel to the most important cities in Northern Italy and to Vienna.

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6th Generation | From the Dolomite's forges to Factory

Camillo Bianchi (1932-1991) moved the business to Conegliano (TV) and industrialized the production process. In 1968 launched the Admiral, the first electromechanical duplicating machine and in less than 10 years the company became a leader in Europe, U.S. and in the Far East.

7th Generation | Massimo Bianchi

The current President of Keyline SpA tells the story of his Family and how the idea of creating a Museum was born.

The present day for the Bianchi Family is called Keyline, an innovative company with firm roots in the past, but with eyes to the future.

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Discover the virtual museum!

Visit our virtual museum "Museo della Chiave Bianchi 1770" and recognize the finds of the Bianchi Family together with the more than 1500 findings from all over the world!

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