You know these 9 guys from the office - and the concert hall!

Beethoven's nine symphonies are as unique as the people around us. You have probably met all of these 9 guys.

By Beethoven-House Bonn

Beethoven House Bonn

👩‍⚖️  No. 1: The old-fashioned

You can recognize her by the fact that she doesn't have a smartphone and carries a leather briefcase instead of a fancy backpack.

Beethoven's First is also a tribute to the composers before him: Mozart, Haydn and the Viennese Classicism.  

💃🏼 No. 2: The dramatic

The dramatic one can't be quiet - when she comes through the door, she needs all your attention!

In the Second, Beethoven plays with the expectations of the audience. If you think you know how the music goes on, Beethoven surprises you again.  

✈️ No. 3: Freedom above everything

Up and away - and away he was. Freedom is the greatest good for this colleague. 

Beethoven dedicated his third symphony, the "Eroica", to the French ruler Napoleon. He hoped for his ideals of freedom, equality and brotherhood. But blow-by-blow: Napoleon crowned himself sole rul

🧍🏽‍♀️ No. 4: The inconspicuous

Between her neighbors, the inconspicuous usually doesn't stand out at all - and what is her name again? 

After the "Eroica" and before the "Fate Symphony", the Fourth Symphony is also often overlooked. One critic calls it "cheerful, understandable and very engaging".  

🥳 No. 5: The not saying goodbye

Okay, one last round... ... ooookay... one more final round... Just when you think it's over, there's another bang. Beethoven in his Fifth wants everyone to notice the optimism in this "symphony of fate".

🌄 Number 6: The nature boy

He also wears outdoor clothes in the office: at 5 o'clock in the morning on steep mountain slopes, the nature boy blossoms. 

From a gently rippling brook to a crashing thunderstorm, everything is there! Beethoven composed his Sixth on long walks between streams and forests.  

🙁 No. 7: The Melancholic

Those who do not know him well enough are surprised by the deep longing in his gaze. But whoever takes it like this has found a friend for life. It is similar with the second movement from Beethoven's Seventh. The "Funeral March" already caused da capo calls at the premiere.  

👩‍⚖️ No. 8: The Extrovert

Good-humored, quick-witted and always in control - what's the catch with this omnipresent person? 

Beethoven's Eighth is a firework of good humor. Thoughtful moments often last only a few bars, then the happiness of life breaks its course.  

😸 No. 9: The Optimist

Just a little patience and everything will be fine. Although life has been bad for him, he has remained an optimist. 

At the climax of the 9th Symphony, the singers sing: "All men become brothers. The unshakable belief in the good in man!  

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