The Cold Heart of Siberia: Traditions to Keep You Warm

Get to know the reasons to visit top regions of Siberia revealing its incredible nature and views

Baikal (21st Century) by RustourismFederal Agency for Tourism

The Spirit of Siberia

A vast land stretching 13 million sq. km from the Ural Mountains to the Far East, Siberia is home to numerous distinct climates and diverse ethnicities that all make up a proud breed of “sibiryaks” and, for all their differences, share the same spirit and culinary tastes.

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The World's Largest Lake 'Baikal'

Lake Baikal situated in Irkutsk region, the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lake is worth a long journey to experience its transparent bottomless depth and the cliffs of Olkhon Island.

Since Baikal is completely sealed off, it has developed an unparalleled ecosystem with endemic species of fish, plants and animals. These include the Baikal omul, a small and tasty fish, and a signature local dish.

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Travelling to the lake is easier if you start your journey from the city of Irkutsk: the city’s old wooden buildings, making up the historic downtown district, are also a must.  

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Wonder of Altai Nature

With their soft slopes and green meadows reminiscent of the Alps, the Altai Mountains have been aptly dubbed “Russia’s Switzerland”. The meadows are full of cows pasturing on wild grasses, which explains why for many years, Altai has been one of Russia’s major producers of cheese, butter and other dairy products. 

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The Pillars of Kransnoyarsk

The famous ‘Stolby’, or Pillars of Krasnoyarsk are numerous 60m-to-100m-high rocks. While some are easy to climb, and others a challenge for even an experienced mountaineer, they all offer a breathtaking view of the taiga and the Yenisei River.

Krasnoyarsk Pillars (21st Century) by RustourismFederal Agency for Tourism

Make sure you have the time for sightseeing during your visit of the pillars and you will surely experience the breathtaking view of marvellous foresty-mountains.

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To continue the tour around Siberia with the local food festivals atmosphere there are a 'must haves' to visit.

Poster gastrofest "EAT" (21st Century) by RustourismFederal Agency for Tourism

Going Festive

Siberia, and especially Altai, can boast foods little known even in the European Russia, namely, mountain honey, kumys, kurut, talkan, camel meat, horse meat and salty fern. The city of Tomsk holds the annual YEST (“EAT”) festival offering visitors a chance to try these and other local dishes.

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