Eat Your Way Across Russia

Discover how Russia's vast size has led to its range of flavors and traditions

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So much more than blinis and vodka

Discover the eclectic food that's as diverse as Russia itself

Did you know... A true master of buryat buuz dumplings can make them with exactly 33 pinches

It tastes like... St Petersburg!

Discover the intertwining cuisines on the table in 'the Venice of the North'

Potatoes Sprinkled With Sugar?

3 curious facts about old-school eating in Saint Petersburg

What is this dish called?
Hint: it comes from the region of Karelia

Discover More About The Regions

Did you know... In 19th century Russia it was considered a matter of prestige to have a drink variety in your cellar that began with every letter of the alphabet

Na Zdorovie / Cheers!

A guide to Russian contemporary bar culture

The Tradition of Nastoilka Tinctures

Do you prefer yours horseradish flavored or berry flavored?

For the locavore

How changing food habits led to a new way of shopping

Discover Danilovsky Market

The food hub where the old school meets the modern age

Did you know... Turnips were Russia's main root vegetable until Tsar Peter I introduced potatoes. At first people didn't know how to eat them so ladies decorated their hair with purple potato flowers

Discover More About The Flavors

The second chapter in the Russian food story

Once upon a taste

The Russian fairy tales with a foodie twist

Discover why anything can be wrapped up in a pirog

Russian Food Culture Explained in 4 Proverbs