Made with Glass

Glass has been used as a material for crafts since ancient times and is still loved for creating works even today. Have a look at contemporary Korean glass craftworks here.

Glass Plates, Glass Incense Burner Materials by Lee KiyongKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Glass maintains its shape of the moment as it goes back and forth between hot and cold temperatures. Now, it is a formative material that forms one of the axes of contemporary art, and that occupies a part of craft through unique, diverse ways of expression.

Light of Midnight Blown by Kim Joon YongKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Kim Joon Yong, "Light of Midnight Blown"

This work was completed by Kim Joon Yong. The flower shape symbolizing life was achieved by expanding the nature of the object and carving the momentariness and eternity of time and space into glass.

The Expandable Being by Kim NamdooKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Kim Namdoo, "The Expandable Being"

This is a conceptual work that contains a message in the Lego block motif. He metaphorically expressed the cross-section of a certain generation of Korean society, one which grew up with cram schools, by showing children trapped in the same form of blocks.

Vase and Object by Yang YoowanKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Yang Yoowan, "Vase and Object"

A vase and a decorative bowl produced through the blowing technique. It is a work by Yang Yuwan, who values naturalness in a balanced form. The cool texture unique to glass and the light colors are added to give it a bright feel.  

A Piece of Ice, Clear Vase by Lee Taehoon, Lee KiyongKorea Craft & Design Foundation

"A Piece of Ice", "Clear Vase"

Lee Taehoon presents various works with the concept of ice or melting ice. This is a witty and elaborate representation of the freshness and transparency of ice and glass. The transparent vase resembling a glass is a clear vase by Lee Kiyong.

Plate Series by Ryu HyeyeonKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Ryu Hyeyeon, "Plate Series"

The opaque "FRIT OU Plate" was completed through fusing and slumping techniques after the artist placed pieces of colored glass to create pattered glass and then cut it. The mysteriously colored "Aurora OU Plate" was fired in a kiln using a unique pigment.

리:앤티크 시리즈 by Park SunminKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Park Sunmin, "Re:Antique" series

It is a creative recycling work which requires more time and effort for the combination of all the processes, from selecting waste bottles to polishing and reassembling parts, than creating works from scratch.

Glass Plates, Glass Incense Burner Materials by Lee KiyongKorea Craft & Design Foundation

"Glass Plates", "Glass Incense Burner Materials"

These glass plates and objects were made by Yuri-Edit’s Kim Eunjoo, who incorporates the light and transparent materiality of glass into daily life.

Glass Mobile, Jelly Lights by Jeon Soo BinKorea Craft & Design Foundation

"Glass Mobile", "Jelly Lights"

Jeon Soo Bin’s glass mobile. It was completed by combining small ornaments made with blowing techniques using colored glass. The lighting of artist Yoon Tae-sung, who expresses the physical properties of glass with curves and wrinkles, was made with jelly as its motif.

Mitosis by Lee JiyongKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Jiyong, "Mitosis"

The title of this work is Mitosis, which means “cell division.” The artist makes a work by cutting, recombining, and trimming large chunks of glass, similar to the process in which a cell is repeatedly divided and finally becomes a creature.

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