Tastes of Sakhalin, Tastes of Korea

What did the settlers who travelled to Primorye and Sakhalin brought in?

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Russian Koreans

Their descendants are known as Russian Koreans and live across the former Soviet Union and present-day Russia.

Russian Koreans’ cuisine is believed to have preserved its historical ethnic colour and is now in stark contrast with contemporary South or North Korean cuisine.

The matter is subject to debate, but one thing is clear: Primorye, a place with rare warm summers, still has tomato and small watermelon farms thanks to Korean settlers.  

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Olyutorsk Herring

Olyutorsk herring is another prominent Russian culinary brand and an exclusive speciality from Kamchatka. The industrial production of Olyutorsk herring began in the 1930s, while the fatty herring itself, known for its extraordinary taste, is still a favourite with Moscow chefs.

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Still, the best specimens will have to be searched for in their place of origin.

One place to look would be Petrolpavlovsk-Kamchtasky’s Kamchatka Local Kitchen that fuses modern Russian cuisine with local foods.

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"Ptichka" by Primorsky Konditer

Vladivostok is the birthplace of the famous Russian "Ptichye Moloko" whisked cream cake. 

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The recipe was invented in 1967 by confectioner Anna Chulkova who received the highest Lenin award for her achievement at the time.

The Vladivostok Confectionery pioneered the production technology resulting in the fact that even today, Primorsky Konditer’s “Ptichka'' cake remains a favourite local treat rivalling seaweed chocolate, the other prominent sweet from Sakhalin and Primorye.

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