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Celorot (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network


Main ingredients : Rice flour, coconut milk, wrapped with young coconut leaf

Clorot, celorot, cerorot, or jelurut is traditional sweet snack from Central Java. It is made of rice flour cake with coconut milk, wrapped with janur or young coconut leaf in conical shape.

Es Pisang Ijo (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Es Pisang Ijo

Main ingredients: Banana, rice flour, red syrupThis is a traditional Makassar, Sulawesi snack. It is a banana (Ambon/ Raja/ Kepok type) covered with a blanket of rice flour, coconut milk and pandan extract with a side of rice flour porridge, topped with red syrup and snowed ice. 

Bika Ambon (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Bika ambon

Although the name contains the word "Ambon", name of an island and its largest city, Bika ambon is widely known as the specialty cake of Medan in North Sumatra. Bika Ambon is made from tapioca flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and coconut milk. It has a signature ant-nest like texture.

Jongkong Bangka (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Jongkong Bangka

Jongkong is a Bangka Belitung signature snack that has soft texture and sweet. The snack has three different color in layer, brown, green and white. Jongkong is made from a mixture of rice and tapioca flour with young coconut milk, coconut sugar and a pinch of salt.

Petulo (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network


Petulo is a Malang snack made of rice flour, coconut milk and food coloring, usually green and pink. The snack is soft and served with coconut milk mixed with coconut sugar. Petulo is noodle like shaped. 

Wajik (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network


Wajik or wajid is a diamond-shaped kue or traditional snack made with steamed glutinous rice and further cooked in palm sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves. It is popular not only in Indonesia but also Malaysia and Brunei.

Lapis Pandan (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Kue Lapis

The cake is made of rice flour, sago, coconut milk, sugar, salt, and food colouring. Popular food colouring includes green-coloured pandan. This cake is steamed gradually, and layers are subsequently added in alternating order to form its layer. Kue Lapis has bouncy gelatin-like texture, but this cake is quite sticky and chewy.

Serabi (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network


Serabi, also called surabi, srabi, is an Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or shredded coconut. Most of traditional serabi tastes coconut and eaten with thick golden-brownish-colored coconut sugar syrup.

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