The Birth Of Bounce Cinema

Through this collection discover the early days of Bounce Cinema. Discover how a community powered movement created a pathway for a new generation of filmmakers & storytellers.

Bounce 7Bounce Cinema

Mathieu Ajan

Bounce Cinema was founded by artist & filmmaker Mathieu Ajan. After realising he had never been to a film festival himself. He decided to build a space for communities from all walks of life to showcase their work & discover film. 

Bounce 2Bounce Cinema


Over the years Bounce has played a leading role in breaking down barriers for new talent and inspiring a new generation of artists. Bounce is a space for creatives from all backgrounds to discover the very best work. To date every Bounce experience has had a full house.

Bounce 9Bounce Cinema

Create Next Film Project

Access to the right education, resources & funding is a major obstacle for communities to create new work. To address this Bounce teamed up with John Boyega & Converse to create a life changing opportunity for 5 filmmakers. 

CorneliusBounce Cinema

Local to Global

Oscar nominated filmmaker Cornelius Walker at a Bounce Cinema rooftop screening in Dalston 

Bounce 1Bounce Cinema

Championing Black Filmmakers

The first Bounce Cinema backed film was Appreciation a story exploring the representation of grief and strength within the Black community. In this film the iconic song Appreciation by King Sunny Ade is an ode to Black communities across diaspora.

Bounce 4Bounce Cinema

Bold & Unapologetic

Bounce celebrates filmmakers who have something to say, who are reimagining the canon of Black British storytelling. Entitled directed by Adeyemi Michael is a celebration of the power and beauty of the Black matriarch.

Bounce 10Bounce Cinema

Community is everything.

Over the years we've seen the renaissance of music through platforms like SBTV, GRM DAILY & SBTV. The world of film is following suit with the explosion of streaming platforms & UK actors. In this image is a sold out Bounce experience in one of Londons largest cinemas. 

Storyteller Raymond Taiwo by Mathieu AjanBounce Cinema

Keeping it 100

The Bounce team is made up of artists, photographers, music lovers, journalists & storytellers. All with a shared passion for building a new movement that truly celebrates and champions Black culture. Pictured here is founding team member Raymond Taiwo.

Tenacity by Mathieu AjanBounce Cinema

Truth, Triumphs & Tenacity

The obstacles in the UK film industry are in abundance. 

Our FuturesBounce Cinema

Investing in a new generation of artists & storytellers

Bounce Cinema has introduced thousands of people to the world of film. Taking things further they've provided education, funding & production support to build a better future for the world of film and transforming how Black communities are represented on screen.

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