Art in the Concert Hall

The building has many artistic treasures to gaze upon. Sven X:et Erixson, Edward Hald and Nils Wedel are some of the artists behind the works.

Melodies at the Market (1936) by Sven X-et ErixonGothenburg Symphony

Melodies at the Market

The artist’s pictures have their roots in a naivist and narrative tradition. He became renowned during the 1930s for his colourful depictions of the city and of work. Many of his lithographs received widespread distribution through the publications of Konstfrämjandet, an organisation for the promotion of art, during and after the 1940s.

The Folk Song (al fresco) (1937) by Otte SköldGothenburg Symphony

The Folk Song (al fresco)

The picture depicts in a few scenes the Nordic landscape and its people. The minor-key music from the player’s fiddle seems to reflect the mood of the people. A young man is sitting and looking at (and listening to) the gushing water of a stream. A loving couple stand close together under a white-blossoming tree. The al Fresco technique has been used since the late Middle Ages and involves painting with pigments dissolved in water on wet plaster, which causes the pigments to combine with the plaster and makes the picture very durable and resistant to fading.

Musicians (1938) by Nils WedelGothenburg Symphony

Musicians, oilpainting

Painter, graphic artist and craftsman.Donated in 1997 by Sten A. Olsson and the Wedel family. A cubist inspired composition, representing a number of musicians and their instruments. Located in the foyer outside the Stenhammarsalen concert room.

Animals, three glass reliefs (1935) by Edward HaldGothenburg Symphony

Animals, three glass reliefs

A very well-worked and imaginative picture of many different animals which are all rushing towards the music made by a man playing the lyre, where the animals then find peace.

Jean Sibelius White marble bust (1939) by Wäinö AaltonenGothenburg Symphony

Jean Sibelius White marble bust

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) is considered to be one of Finland’s foremost composers. Sibelius composed seven symphonies and several orchestral works. Among his most famous works are “Finlandia”, “The Karelia Suite” and “Valse triste”. He visited Göteborgs orkesterförening (the Gothenburg Orchestra Society) as a conductor during the period that his friend Wilhelm Stenhammar was in charge of the orchestra.

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Sven X-et Erixson
Otte Sköld
Nils Wedel
Wäinö Aaltonen
Edward Hald

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