Painting Nigerian Culture with Chinedu Ogakwu

Explore the creativity and heritage of one of Nigeria's most celebrated artist.

By Terra Kulture

Celebration III (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

Southeastern Nigerian artist

Southeastern Nigerian artist Chinedu Ogakwu's work explores the dynamics of both his cultural heritage and his life as an African and international artist. He is known for his peculiar raised textures and mixed media renditions. His work often engages impulsive combinations of forms, color, scale, and perspective, calling into question how the viewer processes visual information.

From The Farm (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

The Farm series

The Farm series: taking inspiration from his childhood
While growing up, farming was an important occupation for families in Chinedu Ogakwu's home town. Many of his artworks are reflections of his childhood. This painting is part of a series about traditional Nigerian farming and livelihoods.

From the Farm II (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

After the crops have been planted

After the crops (mostly yam) have been planted, women from time to time, go back to remove weeds. On their way back they pick vegetables or fruits either for the household or to be sold on the next market day. They carry these in baskets on their head.

From the Farm III (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

The cycle continues

The cycle continues until harvest time. These nostalgic moments are a constant inspiration to Chinedu Ogakwu. Here the farmers are seen carrying wood and tools.

Gossip (2017) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

Portrayed in an abstract African form

Portrayed in an Abstract African form, two ladies, a fruit seller and friend doing what they know best.

Cultural Day II (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

The cultural day series

The Cultural Day series: celebrating diversity
The cultural day is a day of an oeuvre of cultural displays. It is a remarkable day for the society, beaming in colorful native attires that showcase and demonstrate cultures from the various tribes in Nigeria.

Cultural Day I (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

Here three men and three women

Here three men and three women are seen wearing traditional attire including the gele headdress.

Women I (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

The women series

The Women series: the heart of a nation
Chinedu Ogakwu is also known for his depiction of women. He says “Unique creatures especially loved by God”, he calls them. Rupi Kaur described them perfectly as water soft enough to offer life and tough enough to drown the same life away. Have you ever imagined a day without them? a dance without them? A feast without them?"

Women II (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

He continues

He continues "Her guard is down when you give her your attention, love, time, trust and support. Sin against her then she will make life miserable for you only if it is in her power. Always he celebrates them in his works of art."

Glamour Girls (2019) by Chinedu OgakwuTerra Kulture

The glamour girls series

The Glamour Girls series: painting next generation
Inspired by the old popular Nigerian movie 'Glamour Girls', the series depicts a group of high-class ladies dressed up to gain rich men's attention and their money.

We have a lot to be thankful for

"We have a lot to be thankful for from memories throughout the years. The many laughs, smiles, tears, and hugs. We ought to stay present, value every moment and make memories. So let's celebrate. I am Chinedu Ogakwu."

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