Touring Around the World

Join Harley-Davidson on this trip around the world, and through history, with then-and-now comparisons of international locations found on the covers of "The Enthusiast™" magazine.

Since its first year of publication in 1916, The Enthusiast™ magazine has been a mouthpiece of all things Harley-Davidson. It has provided content ranging from competition results and club activity to product innovations and travelogue diaries.

Many of the earliest covers featured photos submitted by readers highlighting unique touring destinations from all over the globe. Many of these landmarks still exist along the same roadways today. We thought it would be fun to take a trip back in time and compare a few of these select covers with how they look from the same location, current day, courtesy of Google Maps.

Arch of Constantine cover (1927-11) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"It is with much pleasure we feature on the November Enthusiast cover page an artistic and historical picture. This reproduces the likeness of the ancient arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy. The rider is Mr. Ferralya, well known Italian racer." - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, November 1927

Click to tour the Arco di Costantino (Arch of Constantine) as it looks today. Be sure to look behind you!

Restaurant El Charro cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1945-10, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"Beneath the curved brim of a giant sombrero, motorcycle officers of Monterrey, Mexico, pose with the new Harley-Davidsons recently added to their department. Progressive Monterrey relies on motorcycle patrol to solve its traffic problems. The picturesque sombrero is part of the colorful architectural design of a restaurant located 30 kilometers outside Monterrey on the National Highway to Mexico City." - The Enthusiast™, October-November 1945

Kluane Lake cover (1958-05) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"The author poses by a wayside on Destruction Bay Lake Kluane. Located on the Alaskan Highway, this breathtaking body of water is the largest lake in all of Canada’s Yukon." - The Motorcycle Enthusiast in Action™, May 1958

Click to tour the Alaska Highway along Kluane Lake today.

Bern Cathedral cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1927-12, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"When we look at these wonderful pictures made by motorcycle tourists, we feel that urge to get out and go somewhere — see something. This month's cover picture was made by Mr. John Anson Ford during his motorcycle tour through Europe. The picture shows the door of the Minister in Berne, Switzerland. Beautiful!" - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, December 1927

Mayon Volcano cover (1949-03) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"Behind the motorcyclists from Manila looms the goal of their five-day trip — majestic 8000-foot Mayon Volcano — said to be nature's most perfectly-shaped cone." - The Enthusiast™, March 1949

Click to tour the area near Mount Mayon today.

Great St. Bernard Hospice cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1935-03, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"On his vacation trip to Switzerland, H. J. W. Gerritzen, Amsterdam, Holland, crossed Saint Bernard Pass and stopped to take this extremely interesting picture. The rugged Alps loom in the background, part of the monastery is shown, and in the foreground surrounding Mr. Gerritzen and his Harley-Davidson are a group of the famed Saint Bernard dogs. Noted for their great strength and sagacity, Saint Bernard dogs have often brought aid and succor to stranded travelers over these Alpine wastes. Here, too, is historic ground, for Napoleon's great armies crossed this Pass in 1800." - Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, March 1935

Berner Rathaus cover (1928-12) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"This cover of architectural design features the beautifully ornamented Rathous in Berne, Switzerland. The picture was taken by Mr. John Anson Ford on one of his European tours. When the motorcyclist 'goes places' he 'sees things.'" - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™ December 1928

Click to tour the Bern Rathhaus (town hall) plaza today.

Arca Dwarapala 2 cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1930-04, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"Around the world with Harley-Davidson. And that is just what this month's cover picture means, for Messrs. Sulkowsky and Bartha have just about belted the old globe. These men left Austria some time ago, and have passed through some of the most interesting parts of the Eastern world. They will soon be in the United States; then we will have their complete story. And it will be interesting. The cover picture features some sort of God in Java. Note the size of this image." - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, April 1930

The Great Divide cover (1951-01) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"The author, George Bliss, and his faithful Wanderlust are shown at the Great Divide between British Columbia and Alberta — in the Canadian Rockies." - The Enthusiast™, January 1951

Click to tour the  Trans-Canada Highway from the British Columbia - Alberta border today. 

Marcus Tower cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1928-04, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"There is a wealth of beauty in these quaint foreign city and rural scenes. This April cover features Messrs. M. Byhahn and A. Dutschke while visiting in Rothenburg, Bavaria. We are fortunate in obtaining such remarkable views." - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, April 1928

Sella Pass, Sellajoch Mountains cover (1930-11) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"For this month's beautiful cover picture we are indebted to Mr. Hans Kronburger, Oberammergau, Germany. This particular photo was taken when Mr. Kronburger and a party of vacationists stopped for refreshments on the pass road to the Sellajoch mountain ridge, in Italy. ...

The altitude is 2100 meters, or approximately 6400 feet. Mr. Kronburger finds in his Harley-Davidson a fascinating means of traveling to beauty spots far removed from his home." 
The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast ™, November 1930

Click to tour Sella Pass today. 

Arch of Peace cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1928-01, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"In keeping with the story by John Anson Ford, we are delighted to feature our cover this month with an Italian masterpiece. Napoleon's Arch is here shown in all its splendor. This famous piece is located in Milan, Italy, and was erected more than a hundred years ago by Napoleon as a triumphal arch commemorating his conquest of Italy." - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, January 1928

Lake Misurina cover (1931-09) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"A most attractive bit of scenery in Italy. The waters are those of the Misurina Sea and in the back the tall spires of the mountains named Tre Croci (Three Crosses) rear their majestic heights skyward. In every land in the world, a Harley-Davidson will take you to the scenic wonders quickly and economically." - Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™ September 1931

Click to tour the Lake Misurina area today.

Aare River view of Bern cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1928-02, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"It's not easy to look at these fine scenes and then sit still, not get out and 'go somewhere' with our good ol' bus. This month we show a picture taken by Mr. John Anson Ford while he was touring through Switzerland. The view is of the Bern Cathedral spire in the distance with the Aare in the foreground." - The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, February 1928

Fabrique Street cover (1939-07) by Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson Museum

"Down Fabrique Street in historic old Quebec City comes the royal car bearing King George and Queen Elizabeth. The streets are jammed with hundreds of thousands of Canadians eager to see Their Majesties in person for the first time and to them the thrills of this momentous occasion will never be forgotten. ...

From coast to coast, throughout Canada, similar scenes were enacted during the royal visit. Escorting the royal party at Quebec City, as in other cities along the way, were city and provincial police mounted on Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycles. — Acme Photo." - The Enthusiast™ July 1939

Click to tour Côte de la Fabrique as it looks today—no royal escort required.

Porta Napoletana, Terracina cover, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 1935-05, From the collection of: Harley-Davidson Museum
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"Our May cover picture takes us back through the centuries and shows us an architectural masterpiece in the way of a gate at Terracina, Italy, built in 98 A.D. The rider is John Plank of Rome, who has been an enthusiastic Harley-Davidson owner for years. Mr. Plank has sent us many beautiful pictures, some of which we will try and show in future issues of the Enthusiast." - Harley-Davidson Enthusiast™, May 1935

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