I had a dream: Rome, Italy

At the dawn of any cultural transformation, there is always a dream. Young people in Rome dig deep within themselves to draw out the necessary tools for creative change.

By Moleskine Foundation

AtWork I Had a Dream RomeMoleskine Foundation

100 participants, 100 dreams, 100 projects

This is the vision behind AtWork “I Had A Dream”. Conceived by the Moleskine Foundation and the writer Simon Njami, the travelling workshop engages communities in 4 different places; Rome, Italy; N’Djamena, Chad; Kampala, Uganda; with the final leg to take place in Harare, Zimbabwe in November 2018. Lively debate and open expression facilitate the safe environment necessary for critical thinking and creative doing. The four/five day workshops culminate in an exhibition of the artistic notebooks produced as metaphors of the process.As Simon Njami says, “We were born what we were born, but we always become what we did. In few words, I Had A Dream is a call to action, here and now.”

AtWork I Had a Dream RomeMoleskine Foundation

Valentina Gonzo, AtWork Rome participant found:

“The creative process has allowed us to be truly ourselves, through our own very eyes, and those of others, sometimes reflecting the latter. Seeing us change… It is an experience that we hope to make ours in order to face our future”

AtWork I Had a Dream RomeMoleskine Foundation

The Rome Chapter

For centuries, Rome has been a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and professions. So it’s no surprise that the Rome chapter of AtWork saw 17 participants of 9 different nationalities come together. Mechanical engineers, physicists and geologists joined artists and musicians in a lively discussion that explored culture, identity and society from a range of perspectives to discover and confront their true selves.

AtWork I Had a Dream RomeMoleskine Foundation

The workshop took place at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art under the guidance of writer Simon Njami. Participants recorded their dreams in Moleskine notebooks, which were exhibited at the museum after the workshop before being donated to the Moleskine Foundation Collection. Once empty, the little black objects became metaphors for the journey each individual had embarked on in the process. Let’s explore their dreams.

AtWork I Had a Dream RomeMoleskine Foundation

Faccetta Nera Faccetta Nera (2018) by Addes TesfamariamMoleskine Foundation


My dream is to contribute to the presence and representation of women that can be taken as role models.

Faccetta NeraMoleskine Foundation

Faccetta Nera

My notebook is about the dichotomy of women’s perception. The lightness and heaviness. The lightness of beauty as a mere physical appearance opposed to the heaviness of women’s struggle to affirm themselves for their inner self. This work aims at raising a critical debate on the roles of women in the society. This notebook is a tribute to all the women that made the difference, for which they deserve a space in art, media, and society.

Onise Onise (2018) by MIstura AllisonMoleskine Foundation

Mistura Allison

My dream is...to be an art curator, an art magazine publisher and a gallerist.

OniseMoleskine Foundation


My notebook is the first edition of my art magazine. In our first issue we cover TheArtist and feature never seen before content. These can only be revealed when I realise my dreams. There’s only one copy, as it is conceived as a collector’s item, of course.

Imagine you free Imagine you free (2018) by Chiara BonanniMoleskine Foundation

Chiara Bonanni

My dream is to be able to realise an exhibition that will be entirely curated by myself. And to feel free and in peace with myself.

Imagine you freeMoleskine Foundation

Imagine you free

My notebook expresses a concept of freedom and represents the exploration of one’s perso- nality which in order to reach a state of peace, needs to embark on a journey. On the cover, I built an incomplete puzzle that depicts my idea of complete freedom : a sky. Every thought expressed by the public will enrich the puzzle by adding the missing pieces. Skimming through the notebook, I can be free each day in a different way, through new inspirations and suggestions.

Cabinet of reborn materials Cabinet of reborn materials (2018) by Irene CarettiMoleskine Foundation

Irene Caretti

My dream is to be able to research and develop new sustainable fabrics.

Cabinet of reborn materialsMoleskine Foundation

Cabinet of reborn materials

My notebook is a sample of waste materials and it demonstrates that, if well juxtaposed, they can be turned into interesting new textiles. Everyday we surround ourselves with more and more waste, to which none of us gives any value. The transparency of the pages allows the user the opportunity to observe these materials as if they were unique and

to perceive the infinite possibilities of interweaving.

Per una musica migliore, tira lo sciacquone.Moleskine Foundation

Emilio Lucchetti

My dream is to play, compose and educate people to a conscious listening of music.

Per una musica migliore, tira lo sciacquone.Moleskine Foundation

Per una musica migliore, tira lo sciacquone

My notebook wants to free ourselves from certain “garbage music”. So flush, using the book- mark, and improve the world’s oral hygiene! This notebook represents my dream to go to the barbers and instead of hearing interviews of football players, to hear Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Michel Petrucciani.

Looking for myselfMoleskine Foundation

Daniele Vigo

My dream is to discover the world, because it is so big, while my room is small, and my mind is infinite.

Looking for myselfMoleskine Foundation

Looking For Myself

My notebook represents the world discovered by the author’s mind: a vigorous city which is about to fall apart. The 3-D printed Umarell man represents the person that is trying to figure out what is seen by his eyes. He stands patiently waiting for something coming...from the world...or from himself.

Image missing


My dream is to be able to bring together my passion andmy job because, as soon as you do that, you never have to work again.

My Bologna

My notebook is a personalised and customisable tourist guide of my city. Everyone cancreate their own Bologna with their experiences, destinations and dishes, filling the emptypages as they wish. This is my Bologna, how is yours?

My Autobiography My Autobiography (2018) by Abdul Rahman OsumanMoleskine Foundation

Abdul Rahaman Osuman

My dream is to become a well-known artist.

My Autobiography versoMoleskine Foundation

My Autobiography

In my notebook, I decided to use well known symbols in Ghana to produce my artist catalog. The symbols I used are to represent myself, my culture, my life, my ups and downs and where I am trying to be in life.

My piece of (h)eart(h) - A (non-exhaustive) handbook My piece of (h)eart(h) - A (non-exhaustive) handbook (2018) by Viola FortuniMoleskine Foundation

Viola Fortuni

My dream is a work in progress.

My piece of (h)eart(h) - A (non-exhaustive) handbookMoleskine Foundation

My piece of (h)eart(h)-A (non-exhaustive) handbook

My notebook titled “My piece of (h)eart(h)” comes from the will to defining an evolving identity and it materialises in a collection of other identities. It starts from the idea of mixing other cultural traditions to make a new one and it materialises in a (non-exhaustive) handbook contai- ning five unique traditions that cannot be mixed, but should be known and valorised. Dreaming is a work in progress.

Mare Nostrum - Svuotiamo il MediterraneoMoleskine Foundation

Francesco Gallo

My dream is to make the change by showing the world through the eyes of a geologist.

Mare Nostrum - Svuotiamo il MediterraneoMoleskine Foundation

Mare Nostrum - Svuotiamo il Mediterraneo

My notebook shows what geology will tell about us, through the Anthropocene stratigraphic sequences of Mediterranean sea and their material and immaterial content. An archaeologi- cal/paleontological object, of a far away past and at the same time actual, found million years forward in time. This strata are our most objective mirror, back from the future to tell us something. All of us may read these pages of stone, that reassemble stories, emotions, and objects; our biography.

Heilide Mutte - Signora delle Cime Heilide Mutte - Signora delle Cime (2018) by Valentina GonzoMoleskine Foundation

Valentina Gonzo

My dream is to recover the most irrational part of me, exploring new dimensions.

Heilide Mutte - Signora delle CimeMoleskine Foundation

Heilide Mutte - Signora delle Cime

My notebook talks about a great mother, high and rocky - the mountain - who welcomes and embraces her people as the Madonna della Misericordia. In the highest part she touches the sky, where the feminine and masculine principles meet. Heilide Mutte is the name I chose for her, lady of the woods and waters, the places where I grew up. For her, I invented prayers and songs combining the zimber and latin language, imagining a funeral ritual celebrated while climbing to the peak.

Omaggio a me stesso Omaggio a me stesso (2018) by Mevlan Loni MjeshtriMoleskine Foundation

Mevlan "Loni" Mjeshtri

I am confused about my dreams.

Omaggio a me stessoMoleskine Foundation

Homage to myself

What do you see? How far can irony go? How ironic can we be? Why are we ironic?

Sleep, Look For Your Dreams Sleep, Look For Your Dreams (2018) by Maria Giovanna SoderoMoleskine Foundation

Maria Giovanna Sodero

My dream is to tell through a frame the life that is seen by my eyes, the magic that is not always visible and that can be told through imagination.

Sleep, Look For Your DreamsMoleskine Foundation

Sleep, Look For Your Dreams

My notebook is a collection of screenplay and storyboard of the short-film shot during the 4 days of the AtWork workshop. In the short, the participants close their eyes, falling asleep to wake up inside their dreams.

Capi Morali Capi Morali (2018) by Rocco SoldiniMoleskine Foundation

Rocco Soldini

My dream is to gain independence through my ideas.

Capi MoraliMoleskine Foundation

Capi Morali

In my notebook I’ve seen a land governed by enlightened leaders, firmly tight to the funda- mental principles of our constitution. Humans driven by superhuman moral values, coded to pursuit their purpose: to grant the blossoming of any being of the planet.

Changes Begin With You Changes Begin With You (2018) by Ibrahim KondehMoleskine Foundation

Ibrahim Kondeh

My dream is to empower fellow young africans.

Changes Begin With YouMoleskine Foundation

Changes Begin With You

My notebook is a diary that includes the details of my personal journey. It aims to change the mind of young Africans that might want to undertake the journey to Europe through Libya.

Wunderkammer Wunderkammer (2018) by Tere CabMoleskine Foundation

Tere Cab

My dream is to never stop travelling because it is the only way to find myself.

WunderkammerMoleskine Foundation


A mini theatre, a window on my dream: travelling. Travelling is a way to know ourselves through different people and cultures. I got inspired by Prague, and by its theatrical tradition of puppetry and Wunderkammer. The main character is Pedrus Gonsalvus, famous man of the XVI century affected by an abnormal amount of hair growth. This Wunderkammer is my collection of animalia, naturalia and mineralia.

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AtWork Rome "I Had a Dream" Chapter 10

Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma, directed by Cristiana Collu

AtWork Rome "I Had a Dream" Chapter 10 Conductor:
Simon Njami

AtWork Rome "I Had a Dream" Chapter 10 Coordinator:
Alessia Tobia

Photo shooting:
Mattia Panunzio

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All the notebooks'images are courtesy of Moleskine Foundation Collection

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