Sandra Cinto

You can dream

Notti di Speranza – HOT SPOT – Caring For a Burning World #081 (2022) by Sandra Cinto (con Albano Afonso)La Galleria Nazionale

Sandra Cinto

Sandra Cinto (con Albano Afonso), Notti di Speranza

On an entire wall of the museum, in Notti di Speranza the waters float in the sky, in a liquid and poetic cosmology, specifically painted for this exhibition by Sandra Cinto.

What's the first thing you think of when I say Hot Spot?

In my opinion, when you say Hot Spot it means a point that needs attention. One allert point.

What is the "hottest" contemporary theme nowadays?

I consider "hottest"contemporary themes that propose a kind of reflection about our society or how we are living. I believe art speaks about questions of its time. For me it is urgent to talk about care and love in all ways.

How artistic practice can actively influence these issues?

Art is one of the ways to propose a reflection. Our society is experiencing a very hard time, the new technologies are amazing, however we need to know how to deal with those new media without losing our perception of reality, our connection with ourselves and the others.

How was it to confront with other artists in Hot Spot?

It is always meaningful to see that the artist community is engaged and very sensitive about urgent themes in our society such as climate change. When we are together in a group exhibition our voices are louder and stronger, this is an example of what good curatorial work can do.

What do you think is the main visitors' feeling in Hot Spot?

A good exhibition has many levels of lectures and this, in my opinion, is the beauty of art . "Hot Spot" has artists from different generations, ages , countries and cultures  that propose one reflection about our society and how we are interconnected.

Choose a claim for an aesthetic activism manifesto

Don´t be afraid. You can dream.

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Interview by Giulia Lotti. Photo by Adriano Mura.

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