Taiwan in 9 Stops

Take a tour of the island's best sights, finishing up with a view from the top

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1. Lukang Temple

On any journey throughout Taiwain you'll find many temples. Lukang Temple, on the western coast, is dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu - an unsurprisingly popular god for the island's fishermen and seafarers.

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2. Sheding Natural Park

On the southern tip of Taiwain is Sheding National Park, filled with hundreds of species of plants and animals, as well as coral reefs and limestone caves. This area is also the homeland of the indigenous Paiwan people.

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3. Wulai Falls

The town of Wulai is well-known for its hot springs, many cafes and food stalls, and its 80 metre waterfall. Take a break, enjoy a warm coffee in the cool mountain air, and watch the fresh, flowing water.

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4. Kaohsiung Film Archive

If you'd rather stay inside, take a trip to the Kaohsiung Film Archive. Established in 2001, the archive promotes the image and cinematic history of Taiwan through exhibitions, screenings, and events all year-round.

5. Alishan National Scenic Area

The mountain resort and nature reserve of Alishan is one of Taiwan's most popular sights. It's famous throughout the country for its tea plantations, wasabi, and its clear mountain air - perfect for watching sunrises.

The forest is full of labyrinthine paths. Make sure you don't get lost!

6. Sun Moon Lake

Myth tells that indigionous Thao hunters were chasing a pure white deer through the mountains when they discovered Sun Moon Lake. They made it their homeland, and declared Lalu Island, in the middle of the lake, sacred ground.

In contemporary times, the lake is a hotbed of activity centres and boating opportunities. Tour the lake here.

7. Longshan Temple

In the middle of Taipei is Longshan Temple, built in 1738 by Chinese settlers from Fujian. The temple reflects its immigrant background, combining traditional Buddhist and Chinese gods, such as Guan Yu and Mazu.

The majestic temple is a busy tourist spot!

8. Ximending

Taipei may be a historic city, but the streets are thoroughly modern. Many markets and stalls are found around Ximending, in Wanhua district. Here you can find bars, clubs, and gig venues as well as Japanese shops.

9. TAIPEI 101

Taiwan's tallest building was once the tallest in the world. Despite its modern glass exterior it recalls traditional Chinese pagoda architecture. Inside, you can find restaurants, a shopping mall, and observatories to take in the view…

Up here on the 89th floor, the views are astonishing, but if you want to see what it's like from the 101st floor, you'll have to bring your bodyguards. The private VIP lounge is only open to foreign dignitaries, hollywood stars, and high spenders.

New York Dimout (1943-02) by Andreas FeiningerLIFE Photo Collection

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