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Exposition The Eyes Journey 2 (2017) by Fundacion TexoTexo Foundation

A small cabinet

The collection holds a good many prints, a small sample of which are included in this show in what we might call a Cabinet. This fourth part presents works of the following artists: Livio Abramo, Edith Jiménez, Olga Blinder, Jacinto Rivero, Miguela Vera, Pedro Di Lascio, Marcela Dioverti and Daniel Mallorquín.

Paraguay, The Metaphysical (1962) by Livio AbramoTexo Foundation

Livio Abramo (1903-1992)

Livio Abramo, a Brazilian artist who moved to Paraguay in the early sixties, was a central figure in printmaking in Paraguay. Thanks to his work as both an artist and an educator, he encouraged and stimulated new generations of Paraguayan artists.

From the Puzzle series (1972) by Edith JiménezTexo Foundation

Edith Jiménez (1928-2004)

Direct disciple of Livio Abramo, Edith, with a couple of artist tests, variations on the series Puzzles that was acquired by the Brazilian Senate in 1972. These works feature her well-known images of fruits and vegetables (eggplants, to be more precise) rendered abstract by layering planes, colors, and transparencies. 

From the Puzzle series by Edith JiménezTexo Foundation

The theme here is a pretext to delve into the possibilities of a multiple-impression technique that she used assiduously.

8 Faces by Olga BlinderTexo Foundation

Olga Blinder (1921-2008)

The prints by Olga Blinder show the human condition in all its suffering, especially in times of dictatorship (1954-1989). The human body, especially the face, was one of Blinder's recurring themes.

Figure, Olga Blinder, 1963, From the collection of: Texo Foundation
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Olga Blinder found in printmaking an apt way to express her social concerns, using the medium to voice political commitment and protest.

Chipa apo (Siglo XX) by Jacinto RiveroTexo Foundation

Jacinto Rivero (1932-1996)

With technical mastery, Rivero developed a poetic that revolves around rural Paraguay, creating costumbrista scenes, depict the daily life of peasants and popular celebrations. 

Herme and Yito, Jacinto Rivero, Siglo XX, From the collection of: Texo Foundation
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His firm stroke and dark, somewhat rough volumes stand out against the white background to form a context that holds a range of situations.

Estrella jina mboriahu pijharente evava, Jacinto Rivero, Siglo XX, From the collection of: Texo Foundation
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His works are, for the most part, a song to nature and the simple things of peasant life.

Toro candil hape (1964) by Miguela VeraTexo Foundation

Miguela Vera (1920-2005)

Miguela continued to work on themes related to Paraguay. In this work, she makes masterful use of block printing with well-placed accents of color to show the joy of Paraguay's traditional celebrations. 

Four nudes (Siglo XX) by Pedro Di LascioTexo Foundation

Pedro Di Lascio (1906-1977)

"Four nudes" is a sensitive engraving, made of elementary but intense strokes. Here appears the primordial, innocent, naive nudity.

Morality Commission (2016) by Marcela DiovertiTexo Foundation

Marcela Dioverti (1984)

Contemporary artist who, in this case, made figures on a black canvas and lit them up with a powerful blotch of color. The nudity here are guilty and condemned by social clichés.

From the Hard Times series (2017) by Daniel MallorquínTexo Foundation

Daniel Mallorquín (1984)

The technique in this work is part of an expressive process that investigates the possibilities afforded by newspaper, with all the meanings and connotations that that implies. He works with smoke that blurs the images printed while making others emerge, as if they came from different strata. 

Credits: Story

Photographs: Ana Ayala
Texts: Adriana Almada
Digital curators: Fredi Casco & Stefan Knapps

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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